GDBBM – Chapter 226

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Chapter 226: Only for a Gentleman (1)

That was when the indigo spirit user’s face paled. Three of the Qing Yun Clan disciples had been slaughtered mercilessly before his eyes. The last remaining disciple was struggling under the black beast’s lightning quick attacks. What was more frightening was that the white robed youth had already eyed Eunuch Wei, a blue spirit user. Drunk Lotus was not slowed down even against a blue spirit user, his attacks were as dominating and as tyrannical as when he had fought the green spirit users. Green or blue, it did not matter the slightest to Drunk Lotus!

Seeing the skills displayed by the youth, and the way he overwhelmed a blue spirit user, he was thinking maybe he himself with his indigo spirit might very well not be a match for him!

Where in the deepest levels of hell did this overpowered demon crawl out from!?

The indigo spirit user did not even classify Drunk Lotus as a contractual ring spirit.

In this world, only the weapons and beast type ring spirits were widely known. Who would have thought the handsome youth could actually belong to the plant based series of ring spirits? Moreover, Drunk Lotus was a plant based ring spirit that had the ability to morph into human form.

Based on Drunk Lotus’ appearance, he would most probably be about seventeen years….. maybe eighteen. No release of spiritual energy was detected when he attacked, and it was impossible to even guess at the real strength behind that slender attractive figure of a boy.

Even under assault from several blue spirit users, he was handling the fight with ease. Was he an indigo spirit user as well?


Attaining the indigo level in his teens!? None exists!

“Wen Xin Han! What are you waiting for!? If we are to die, you would not be able to answer to the Qing Yun Clan! Don’t you want to save your grandson anymore!?” The several blue spirit users who were being pushed back by a lone Drunk Lotus grew desperate and shouted out to Wen Xin Han, the only indigo spirit user and the strongest among them. Never in their lives had they seen a teenager this powerful who forced five blue spirit users into throwing all their spiritual energies into defence, just to ward off his attacks.

The only indigo spirit user, Wen Xin Han, among them, still had not made a move.

“He is Wen Xin Han?” From behind, Jun Xian who had been tending to his wounds was shocked when he heard that name, and he looked wide eyed, at the conflicted expression on the expert blue leveled spirit exponent.

“Father, you know him?” Jun Qing asked in query.

Jun Xian frowned: “Yes, I know of him. He is from the Yan Kingdom, and he was widely revered as a prodigy who attained a breakthrough to the level yellow spirit when he was just twenty years old. His father was an official in the Yan Kingdom, but a massacre of his whole family was ordered in secret by the reigning Emperor. His whole family was killed and only he alone managed to escape. He disappeared from the face of the world thereafter, and I did not expect him to be still alive. The Wen Family were fiercely loyal to the crown, and in no way were they inferior to our Jun Family. I had heard much about the Wen Family when I was younger.”

When he finished relating the story of Wen Xin Han, Jun Xian turned to Jun Wu Xie: “Wu Xie, if possible, do not harm Wen Xin Han. He had not attacked us, and I think his sense of conscience is still sound. I believe in members of the Wen Family, they would never be an accomplice to evildoers.”

In this battle, Wen Xin Han had not participated in the attacks. If the indigo spirit user had attacked, the Jun Family father and son would have been dead before Jun Wu Xie arrived.

Jun Wu Xie looked up at her grandfather. She had not been blind to Wen Xin Han’s internal conflict, but it was that it didn’t matter to her. If Wen Xin Han remained as a spectator, she would spare his life. If he continues to be party to the Qing Yun Clan’s evildoing, she would not let him off.

But Jun Xian had spoken, and she did not want to defy him.

If Grandfather wants her to stay her hand, she will comply.

Just when Wen Xin Han was about the jump into the fray, Jun Wu Xie said suddenly: “Senior Wen, since you were forced to dirty your hands only because of a desperate need for the help of the Qing Yun Clan, then allow me to offer you an alternative now.”

Wen Xin Han held himself back and looked at Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie raised her hand and threw out a bottle of elixirs to Wen Xin Han who caught it deftly.

“As long as the person you want to save is still alive, this medicine will let him live on. But if you choose to attack today, not only the person you want to save, but even you will die here.” Jun Wu Xie offered with her eyes narrowed.

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