GDBBM – Chapter 213

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Chapter  213: “Breakthrough (1)”

Jun Wu Xie turned her head back. “No hurry, if Mo Qian Yuan was to be schooled, let him go through the whole course.”

Making the fullest use of resources available, she had no more time to spare coaching an Emperor.

Jun Wu Yao raised an eyebrow but did not comment further.

“Let’s go back.” Jun Wu Xie said, having seen the people from Qing Yun Clan’s demeanor, the peace in the Jun Family’s graveyard will be broken very soon.

She had made Mo Qian Yuan find a death row convict’s body to be placed in the Royal Tomb as a substitute for the former Emperor, hence, she wasn’t too worried that the Qing Yun Clan would discover that the former Emperor still lived.

Back at the Lin Palace, Jun Wu Xie acted like nothing had happened and continued busying herself with the lotus in the basin which had now bloomed. The intoxicating smell of the wine weaved with the fragrance of the lotus into an alluring aroma. Jun Wu Xie’s spirit power cultivation was achieved as easily as that. The spirit power within her was growing as it gradually filled her veins,arteries and blood vessels. She had noticed, in the past few days, that her spirit growth had shown some signs of halting and she had not made much in the way of progress.

“Are you breaking the level barrier?” Jun Wu Xie asked as she observed the gathering red spirit glow within her palm. She could control the release of her red spirit’s energy outside her body well now, but she had absolutely no idea how to battle with her spirit energy.

Jun Wu Yao was seated on a chair on the other side, his long legs crossed, his chin resting in his palm, quietly observing Jun Wu Xie’s serious face.

Ever since Jun Wu Xie had addressed him as ‘big brother’, their meetings had a significant change in its patterns. At least when Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao were under the same roof, there were no longer any outbursts of expulsion or retreats.

“Plant spirits require unique cultivation techniques. Although they progress rapidly, their level barriers are much more difficult to breach.” Jun Wu Yao gently reminded his brash little devil.

Jun Wu Xie looked up, and she looked at Jun Wu Yao puzzled. She had felt her spirit level break for sometime now, but there had been no progress. She had even specially asked Jun Qing and Long Qi about it, thinking she had done it wrong somehow.

“Level barrier difficulties?”

For the average person, after they had spent years to train and develop, it was easy for them to breakthrough to the next level. They only need to achieve fulfilment of the spirit energy for the particular level and they would have a chance for a breakthrough. The difficulty for the breakthrough of the level barriers, increase exponentially as the levels go higher. But it was not too difficult to breakthrough the red level to ascend to level orange, unless that person was ill gifted in his innate talents, where their progress were halted.

When they claimed that one was ill gifted in innate talents, they meant that that person’s veins and arteries were unable to contain enough spirit power. A person’s resilience of their veins and arteries not only affected their speed of progress, it affected their accumulation of spirit energy.

The spirit energy within a person constantly develop and accumulate, the more innately talented one was, more spirit energy would developed and cultivated, and their veins and arteries would have more spirit energy to absorb. For those lacking in talents, the spirit energy grow at a slower pace, and their veins and arteries are unable to sustain the flow of spirit energies, resulting in a portion of the spirit energy accumulated from their training and development to leak and evaporate out of their bodies, and cause a lack of adequate accumulation of spirit energy to achieve a breakthrough of the level barrier.

But Jun Wu Xie’s body had undergone her own meticulous fortification and nurturing, and her veins and arteries were at peak conditions, and there was no remote possibility that they could not contain and carry the flow of spirit energy.

Jun Wu Yao raised his hand with a laugh and a black misty fog coalesced within his palm. He swung his hand down gently and the ball of fog flew towards Jun Wu Xie, and spread downwards from above her head.

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