GDBBM – Chapter 212

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Chapter  212: “Coercion (3)”

After the Qing Yun Clan delegates left the main hall, Jiang Chen Qing wanted to quickly split them into two groups to retrieve the Soul Jade.

“How ridiculous is it? What was that little Emperor thinking? He thought he could still keep the Soul Jade!? Elder, do you think the Soul Jade was really buried together with their deceased family members?” The other Qing Yun Clan disciples could not hold back their grumbles and asked Jiang Chen Qing.

Jiang Chen Qing snorted in derision, “He dares? Qi is just a tiny insignificant kingdom, and if he has the audacity to deceive us, I will make him regret that he ever thought our Qing Yun Clan can be slighted like this.”

Qi was founded less than a century ago, their foundations were not strong and neither was their military might. Among the various powers, they were just a tiny kingdom. And the protection of their lands, was largely dependant on the Jun Family’s Rui Lin Army.

“The matter of the Jun Family’s Soul Jade having been buried with Jun Gu was previously mentioned by the former Emperor. It seems they do not know the true capabilities of the Soul Jade and buried it with their deceased.” Qin Yu Yan said softly.

She did not believe that Mo Qian Yuan possessed the guts to lie to them on the whereabouts of the Soul Jade.

“I had heard the Sovereign mention that, the former Emperor were not on good terms with the Jun Family. The former Emperor was worried that Jun Xian’s reputation with his merit in service overshadowed him, and he wanted to annihilate the whole Jun Family. He used the Soul Jade to enlist the help of the Qing Yun Clan to carry out the deed. I believe Mo Xuan Fei had the same intentions with his father, or Yun Xian would not have been won over so completely in the short time she was here. I suppose they had wanted to make use of Yun Xian to foster closer ties with the Qing Yun Clan.” Jiang Chen Qing sneered.

The other disciples were interested to hear more and asked curiously: “Was the Emperor so dumb? If the Kingdom of Qi did not have the Rui Lin Army’s garrisons, it would have been swallowed up by the covetous eyes of the other powers. Eradicating the Jun Family, the protector of their kingdom, when the kingdom had just begun to stabilise and flourish, wasn’t that suicidal?”

For a tiny kingdom to even survive among greater powers, it was impossible without a strong defence force at least.

The Jun Family’s Rui Lin Army was the sharp blade that was pointed at their enemies, they pushed back invasions, and defended their soil.

The former Emperor of Qi had wanted to destroy this blade of theirs, that was pure suicide.

“The minds of the muddled, will not be understood. I have no interest how the Kingdom of Qi will turn out. The former Emperor is dead, the terms in our deal with Qi can be altered. The pills had been delivered and we only need to retrieve the Soul Jade. Whatever happens to Qi in the future, is of no concern to us.” Qin Yu Yan said smilingly.

“What Eldest Miss meant was, the little Emperor does not know that in our deal with the former Emperor, it included the protection of their kingdom by our Qing Yun Clan for twenty years against any external invasions and harassments.” Jiang Chen Qing explained, with a laugh.

Qin Yu Yan smiled, “Get the Soul Jade, and let’s have nothing to do with this place anymore.”

Qin Yu Yan’s words made them smile and they split into two groups and headed towards their assigned destinations.

They Qing Yun Clan group had not noticed a tall handsome man carrying a petite young girl had been above their heads, who overheard every single word exchanged among them.

“Those were the people from the Qing Yun Clan?” Jun Wu Xie surveyed the backs of the figures as they grew smaller in the distance and her eyes grew cold. She had not been present at the main hall, but from their conversation that she overheard, she guessed that Mo Qian Yuan had not managed to squeeze out the tiniest gain from his encounter with those people.

“Those are just ants and are of no concern. When does my little darling want them dead?” The corners of Jun Wu Yao’s mouth curled up slightly. If the blood of those people can win him a smile from Jun Wu Xie, it should be an honour to them.

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