GDBBM – Chapter 211

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Chapter  211: “Coercion (2)”

Qin Yu Yan had been silent all this while, she had sat quietly in her seat, her face masked with a gentle smile.

Upon hearing Jiang Chen Qing’s words, Mo Qian Yuan face grew grave as he hastily said: “That….. doesn’t sound like a good idea. As our forefathers lie in their eternal resting place, and we go unseal them, that is rather…..”

“Dead people are invalids, Your Majesty need not be so concerned.” Qin Yu Yan said softly. “The former Emperor and Jun Gu are already dead and are no longer of concern to the world. Why should Your Majesty put the whole Kingdom of Qi at risk for the sake of two dead men?”

Mo Qian Yuan was stunned as he looked at Qin Yu Yan. He could not believe what he had just heard.

Put the whole Kingdom of Qi at risk?

That was obviously a threat!

Mo Qian Yuan did not expect that the seemingly gentle Qin Yu Yan spewed venom more viciously than Jiang Chen Qing.

Without giving room for negotiation, she had thrown an ultimatum.

Hand over the Soul Jade and they will leave. If they refused to hand it over, they will not spare Qi…..

Mo Qian Yuan finally realized how naive he had been. He had expected the leader of the Qing Yun Clan delegation to be easier to deal with?

Look at Jiang Chen Qing, and look at Bai Yun Xian. They were all from the Qing Yun Clan and which one of them was easygoing?

Mo Qian Yuan remembered Bai Yun Xian’s attempt to obliterate the whole Imperial City with her poison, and that poison had come from none other than the Qing Yun Clan…..

“If Your Majesty feels uncomfortable doing it, we can do it on your behalf.” Qin Yu Yan did not wait for Mo Qian Yuan’s reply and she stood up and turned to Jiang Chen Qing. “Uncle Jiang, I will need to trouble you to bring them to the Royal Tomb and the Jun Family’s graveyard to retrieve the Soul Jade.”

“Hold on! Miss Qin, you…..” Qin Yu Yan interrupted before Mo Qian Yuan could continue.

“Your Majesty had better not try anything rash. I hope you will think for your Kingdom. You would not wish for your people to come to any harm I suppose?” Her gentle smile was still plastered upon her face, but the chill of the threat that was veiled under those words could clearly be felt.

Having said that, Qin Yu Yan left with the other Qing Yun Clan delegates.

After the Qing Yun Clan delegates had stepped out of the main hall, the various officials who stood outside shuffled back into the hall in trepidation. Upon seeing the dark expression on Mo Qian Yuan’s face, they clamped their mouths shut and did not dare ask anything about the morning’s intrusion.

Within the huge main hall, there was utter silence as Mo Qian Yuan sat on his throne staring blankly at the departing Qing Yun Clan delegates as his heart grew cold.

[I am keeping the Soul Jade at all costs, and will not release it to anyone. Aren’t you thinking that I want to kill them all off for no good reason and am being vicious and brutal? Then let’s see what the Qing Yun Clan will do when we refuse to hand over the Soul Jade when they know it is in our hands?] Jun Wu Xie’s words from last night resounded clearly in his mind now as he remembered how Jun Wu Xie’s eyes were so sure and completely confident.

Mo Qian Yuan had a sudden urge to laugh, Jun Wu Xie had completely seen through the innate character of the Qing Yun Clan or she would not have made the wager with him.

It was himself that he found hilarious. He had been put through the abuse and persecution under the hands of the former Emperor and Mo Xuan Fei for such a long time, why did he still retain that ridiculous modicum bit of compassion?

Jun Wu Xie, it was his own stupidity and no one else was to blame.

In the eerily silent morning court session, a series of maniacal laughter suddenly broke out, and all the officials looked up in shock at the Emperor guffawing, unable to stop.


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