GDBBM – Chapter 209

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Chapter  209:”Combat Lotus (2)”

Jun Wu Xie knew very well how strong the little black cat was after transformation, and especially after it had devoured the Golden Lion, its power had grown further. However, Drunk Lotus had been able to suppress and rendered the black beast helpless.

Jun Wu Xie had always thought that Little Lotus would be useful in other ways and his fighting prowess was even below the mistress herself, but through Drunk Lotus’s actions today, it might be time to reassess that.

“You can fight?” Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes at the red faced Drunk Lotus.

Drunk Lotus who had been arrogant and egotistical with the black beast and grown subdued and meek as a mouse in front of Jun Wu Xie. He replied softly: “I can fight the cat easily.”

“The contrast before and after is enormous.” Jun Wu Xie stated.

Little Lotus and Drunk Lotus had an immense contrast in their personalities, and fighting prowess.

“Snow Lotuses thrive on fine wine naturally, and without the nourishment of wine, my powers cannot manifest.” Drunk Lotus said sullenly. If not for that, he would not have been bullied all this time by that dastardly cat to such extents!

“He speaks the truth.” Jun Wu Yao said suddenly. He saw the interest his little devil was showing in Drunk Lotus and explained graciously: “Snow Lotuses are supposed to look like this, the more fine wine they consume, they stronger they become. They are born with an insatiable thirst for wine, your little bumbling lotus’s theft of the wine did not come about by accident.”

Jun Wu Xie nodded. If that was so, her contracted ring spirit was not as useless as she had assumed.


That was no excuse for Drunk Lotus to wreck and waste all these Jade Nectar!

Jun Wu Xie raised her hand and held Drunk Lotus’s chin, as she said through narrowed eyes: “If you need a drink, fine. But the wine here are off limits to you.”

Drunk Lotus gaped like a goldfish under the steely stare of those eyes and was unable to utter a single word, before he nodded, resigned.

Jun Wu Xie was satisfied and let go of his chin. She had been vexed with her lack of prowess in battle, and although the little black cat made up for it in a way, she had not been satisfied. If Drunk Lotus could add on to her arsenal of strong fighters, he won’t be a shabby addition at all.

“How strong is he?” Jun Wu Xie asked of Jun Wu Yao.

Jun Wu Yao replied: “That depends on how much he drinks, and what he drinks. If he is provided with enough fine wine, he should not have to break a sweat battling anything beneath a purple level spirit.” Drunk Lotus’s strength was beneath Jun Wu Yao’s notice but his little devil had looked very satisfied.

Throughout the world, the blue spirit had been their limit. In the past century, not a single purple spirit was achieved. Drunk Lotus’s fighting prowess, was the topmost and the finest fighter in Qi!

“The wine you gave me before, do you have anymore?” Jun Wu Xie asked looking at Jun Wu Yao.

Jun Wu Yao smiled, the little devil was stingy with her feelings, but she wasn’t the least bit shy with her demands for wine. She could not bear to part with the Jade Nectar and had shifted her attention to his Jade Moon.

“As long as you wish for it, I will bring you all that you need.”

“You can put them down.” Jun Wu Xie said.

With her permission, the black beast and Drunk Lotus regained their freedom. With Jun Wu Xie here, the two troublemakers stayed unusually silent.

“If you need to quench your thirst in future, get it from him.” Jun Wu Xie told Drunk Lotus.

Drunk Lotus stole a glance at Jun Wu Yao, and his heart filled with dread.

He could not defeat this man!

He was too vicious, it was lucky he was a spirit and not human. A human would have lost his arms if he did not die with that death grip he had held him down with.

His Mistress asked him to get his fix from such a terrifying man!?

Drunk Lotus suddenly realised, the days ahead of him were going to be long and hard…..


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