GDBBM – Chapter 208

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Chapter  208:”Combat Lotus (1)”

A storm brewed within Jun Wu Xie’s eyes, as she looked at the entangled flower and beast. Her chilling gaze swung to the wine cabinet in the corner of the room, where jars and jars of Jade Nectar had fully filled it after she had carefully sorted and arranged them previously. It was now all in a mess, as empty jars lay on their sides haphazardly in the cabinet, and many more jars lay broken on the ground, scattered all over, the incredibly precious Jade Nectar spilled. No wonder the smell hung so strongly in the air!

The sight before her made her eyes turn bitingly cold, and they narrowed menacingly.

“Separate them.” Jun Wu Xie said softly.

Jun Wu Yao knew that she was speaking to him and without a word, he swept into the ‘battlefield’, as his long arms reached for Drunk Lotus.

Drunk Lotus who had been focused on his personal vengeance, had not even noticed Jun Wu Xie’s return till Jun Wu Yao neared as he raised his head in astonishment.

Alas, he realised it too late.

The moment Drunk Lotus raised his head, Jun Wu Yao had had his hands clamped on his shoulders. Those immensely strong hands held him in a grip so tight that he felt as if the bones in his shoulders were about to break.

“Damn it!” Drunk Lotus cursed, he twisted his agile body and countered, gripping Jun Wu Yao at the elbows, and planting his legs firmly under him, he pushed up sharply!

Jun Wu Yao stood standing, an immovable mountain, as he raised an eyebrow at the drunken handsome youth.

“That was a rather good move, but, used on a rather wrong opponent.” Jun Wu Yao’s mouth curled in a smile and the hands holding Drunk Lotus’s shoulders twisted and agony showed in Drunk Lotus’s eyes as he felt his strength seep out from him.

The black beast leaped up in retaliation at his newfound freedom, but was grabbed by its neck and lifted easily. It turned in rage to face…..

A pair of violet eyes, and those eyes dispersed completely all the battle fervour that had raged within it and it hung limp in that huge hand.

“Had enough?” Jun Wu Xie asked calmly, arms crossed. She was expressionless as she stared at the two ruffians that hung from each of Jun Wu Yao’s hands.

How long had she been gone?

The black beast and Drunk Lotus turned meek the moment they saw Jun Wu Xie.

The biting cold from her eyes were felt by the pair who hung their heads, as those eyes swept across the two guilty faces. The chilly eyes fell on the black furry face first, then it swung to the young and mesmerizingly handsome one, before it swung back.

“Speak!” That voice froze their hearts in that instant.

The black beast squealed

[Mistress! The moment you left, that petty thief stole your precious wine! I was trying to stop him! He then transformed and had the cheek to hit me…..]

This was the black beast’s second encounter with Drunk Lotus. The first time, they had not fought as Jun Wu Xie had been present. Their second encounter this day started the moment Jun Wu Xie had put her foot forward to leave and Little Lotus’s gluttony had taken over and he tottered to the wine cabinet. The moment he got his tiny grubby hands on the jars, he gulped down the Jade Nectar copiously. Little black cat had found out and tried to stop him at once. Little Lotus got drunk and transformed into the dashing Drunk Lotus who ignored the little black cat’s pleas and poured jar after jar of Jade Nectar into his mouth.

Helpless, little black cat transformed into his blast beast form and took on Drunk Lotus.

Alas, the intention was noble, the ending….. tragic.

He had pounced gallantly and valiantly, but the skinny malnourished youth’s single punch had felled it, and he had sat on its back the whole night. The black beast was feeling rather aggrieved about the whole thing!

Even the Golden Lion had been devoured, but faced with the puny stick thin and shameless flower, he had been humiliated and helpless….. It didn’t make any sense!

A million ways to punish them went through the mind of Jun Wu Xie, but after hearing little black cat relate the night’s events, she grew solemn, and the anger disappeared from her eyes. Deep in thought, she walked to stand before Drunk Lotus.

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