GDBBM – Chapter 201

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Chapter  201: “Soul Calming Jade (3)”

Ravaged by the little black cat’s claws, Little Lotus hugged his knees and sat sobbing in a corner of the room.

Jun Wu Xie carried Little Lotus, who was crying so hard that he was catching his breath between sobs, and Jun Wu Xie hugged him tightly to comfort him.

“Can you be sure that is the Soul Calming Jade?” Jun Wu Xie was curious about the Soul Jade….. She meant the Soul Calming Jade. If that half of the Soul Jade was the Soul Calming Jade of the spirit world, that explained its ability to draw in souls.

The Soul Calming Jade was used to protect and heal a soul, and it only worked on incomplete souls. Hence, when a normal person touches it, there would be no adverse effects.

It was different in her case, she and the little black cat had merged their souls earlier and transversed to another age, and took over Jun Wu Xie’s body. Her soul had not completely harmonized with the body and the Soul Calming Jade identified that as incomplete and had tried to suck her soul into the jade to heal.

“I….. I’m not sure, I only know that it looks exactly like the picture that I saw and it contains spirit energy of the Spirit World.” With Jun Wu Xie’s comforting hands, Little Lotus had somewhat calmed down and he stole a glance at the little black cat and found that little black cat was still keeping its eye on him and he immediately turned his face to hide within Jun Wu Xie’s embrace.

Bad kitty!

Apperance and energy. Little Lotus had verified these two points, and to top it off with Jun Wu Xie’s brush with the Soul Jade, she could almost be certain that was the real Soul Calming Jade.

An artifact of the Spirit World, how did it land up in Qi?

What kind of a place was the Spirit World? The Qing Yun Clan was anxious to get their hands on the Soul Jade, did they know that the Soul Jade was in fact the Soul Calming Jade?

One tiny Soul Jade had brought countless uncertainties, and Jun Wu Xie was unable to make any headways towards a conclusion.

If the Soul Jade was the Soul Calming Jade, and if she possessed the Soul calming Jade that had the ability to heal souls, it could very well become the medium to resurrect Jun Gu.

The only thing she was sure of at the moment, was that she would not be handing over the Soul Jade to the Qing Yun Clan. She will have to get her hands on the other half that was with Mo Qian Yuan!

Having made a decision, Jun Wu Xie readied to set off to the Imperial Palace.

“It’s so late into the night, where are you going?” Jun Wu Yao leaned lazily against the door and looked at Jun Wu Xie in the room, glancing passingly at the open coffin on one side of the room.

The little girl had rather unique interests. She moved a coffin into her room?

Jun Wu Xie was surprised to see Jun Wu Yao, but this time, her expression did not show the usual cold and frost, but one of indifference.

“Come with me.” Jun Wu Xie looked up at Jun Wu Yao.

This time, Jun Wu Yao was the one surprised.

What….. What did he hear?

Go with her?

The little girl had just hours ago showed him an amicable side of her and now she wants to elope?

Happiness came too suddenly, and the smile on his face almost reached his ears.

His mood soaringly great, Jun Wu Yao walked to stand beside Jun Wu Xie, one could almost drown in the gentleness in his eyes.

“Anywhere in the world, where do you want to go?”

Jun Wu Xie looked at Jun Wu Yao, who was beaming radiantly, and curtly replied: “Imperial Palace.”


“It’s great that you are here. With your skills, you can escape the notice of the Qing Yun Clan, and smuggle me into the Imperial Palace. That should be a piece of cake for you.” Jun Wu Xie said in all seriousness. She did not know why Jun Wu Yao was here, his prowess was never in doubt.

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