GDBBM – Chapter 200

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Chapter 200: “Soul Calming Jade (2)”

“Soul Calming Jade? Not Soul Jade?” Jun Wu Xie looked at Little Lotus, the name he had called it by had one word added to its name.

Little Lotus blinked his big innocent eyes, and replied hesitantly: “What is Soul Jade, I have not heard of it. I have seen a picture of the Soul Calming Jade in the Spirit World and it looked just like this one here. And….. within that jade, there is soul energy of the Spirit World.”

“What is soul energy?” Jun Wu Xie was getting confused. Little Lotus had used too many terms used only in the Spirit World.

Little Lotus looked at Jun Wu Xie’s confused expression, and put on a smug smile. He hopped down onto the ground and put his tiny hands behind his back and proudly proclaimed: “My Mistress does not seem to know much about the spiritual domain. Alright, I’ll explain it slowly to you.”

“Soul energy is the power that contractual spirits attain after training and cultivation, also known as spirit energy. We contractual spirits are actually souls, and our power form part of our souls. The Soul Calming Jade is one of the seven treasures of the Spirit World, it possesses the ability to protect and heal souls. No matter how unruly a soul is, under the power of the Soul Calming Jade, it gradually regains its calm and restores its core. But….. I have never seen the real thing, a Soul Calming Jade. I heard from the others, that the seven treasures were lost in a war, and all that is left in the spirit world, are just pictures of them. The Lord of the Spirit World has sent many contractual spirits out to locate the whereabouts of the seven treasures.”

After his lengthy explanation, Little Lotus was so proud of his achievement, he gave Jun Wu Xie his toothiest grin.

“I did not expect to be so lucky, that I actually found the Soul Calming Jade! If I brought the Soul Calming Jade back to the Spirit World, I will be very very very well rewarded.” Little Lotus was happily talking to himself, oblivious to the gradually darkening look on Jun Wu Xie’s face.

A goofy little contractual spirit, was gleefully proclaiming he wants to bring his Mistress’ treasure back, in front of his Mistress.

Besides saying that he was playing with death, there was no other way to describe it.

[Mistress, can I squash him now?] The little black cat’s eyes narrowed to a slit, staring at the bumbling Little Lotus.

It finally dawned on Little Lotus and he hurriedly hid his smile and blushed shyly at the little black cat.

“You….. You stay away…..”

[Can you be anymore dumb? I would have left it alone if you have just been useless, but you are now eyeing my Mistress’ treasured artifact, what a wretched ingrate. It is no good to have you around anyway, might as well let me eat you!] Little black cat had devoured a contractual spirit before and it licked its fangs expectantly.

This dumb flower was becoming rather foolhardy!

Little Lotus froze, and looked blankly at the little black cat. In the next moment, a huge bean sized tear rolled down his face, and he fell by Jun Wu Xie’s feet and wailed, his small fleshy hands grabbing the hem of her dress to wipe his nose between his sobs and tried to explain: “I….. I did not mean that. I….. would never take your things! I….. meant….. after you have passed on, then will I bring the Soul Calming Jade back.”

He was a loyal flower, and would never steal from his Mistress!

Jun Wu Xie’s face darkened further.

From wanting to conveniently pilfer from his Mistress, this dumb flower had just moved it up a notch to curse his Mistress to suffer an early death…..

Little black cat sharpened its claws and leaped towards the dumb flower.

In that moment, the fragrance of lotus flowers hung usually heavy in the air in the room, and accompanying the heavy fragrance, were the cries of pain from Little Lotus.

Jun Wu Xie rubbed her temples as she looked at the blur of a black cat and flower.

Will she be able to find the answer that she seeks?

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