GDBBM – Chapter 198

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Chapter 198: “Unseal the Coffin (5)”

Jun Wu Xie saw the look on Jun Xian’s face and knew he was conflicted. Jun Xian did not want the Qing Yun Clan to lay their hands on Jun Family.

That thought had gone through Jun Wu Xie’s mind. Although the matter with Bai Yun Xian had been suppressed and kept hidden, Jun Wu Xie believed every wall has its cracks. Qing Yun Clan would find out the truth of the matter in time.

When that time came, the Qing Yun Clan would come after the Jun Family all the same.

In that case, offence was often the best defence!

“Alright.” Jun Xian sighed heavily. He could not make himself say it, to ask them to give up the Soul Jade.

Jun Wu Xie nodded, and spoke to Long Qi standing by their side: “Secretly move my father’s body back, and do not be seen.”

“Send it back?” Jun Wu Xie’s words had shocked the father and son and they looked at Jun Wu Xie, their eyes wide in surprise. “Wu Xie, don’t tell me you know of a way to let your father…..” Nobody could blame the Jun Family father and son for harbouring hopes in their wishful thinking, as Jun Gu’s body had been preserved in such a perfect condition, and Jun Wu Xie had performed such miraculous feats repeatedly, surprising them all.

Jun Qing’s legs, Mo Qian Yuan’s poison…..

The Jun Family father and son could not help but wished, Wu Xie had a way to resurrect Jun Gu!

“I….. do not know of any ways now.” Jun Wu Xie’s mind was filled with ways to revive a person who had just died, as at the moment when people breathe their last, most were in a state of suspended animation and the organs in their bodies start to deteriorate before they die. But Jun Gu had been dead for ten years, and even if the Soul Jade had preserved the body in perfect condition, they had passed the critical time period that resuscitation techniques required.

A person dies when the soul leaves the body, even if Jun Wu Xie could restore Jun Gu’s body to be like one who was alive, what about his soul?

Without a soul, Jun Gu will remain a perfectly preserved body.

Jun Gu had been dead for ten years, his soul should have reincarnated.

There was one more thing that Jun Wu Xie wondered about.

The Soul Jade was capable of drawing in and absorbing the soul of a person. When Jun Gu had died, and before his soul left the body, did the Soul Jade absorb his soul?

If Jun Gu’s soul was really trapped in the Soul Jade, a resurrection might just be possible.

It was too bold an assumption and Jun Wu Xie did not dare share it with Jun Xian and Jun Qing.

Before she ascertained the facts of the matter, she did not want the father and son to suffer any more disappointment.

The Jun Family father and son looked rather crestfallen, but thinking back on it, they accepted it as reality. No one under the heavens had ever heard that resurrections were possible.

“We cannot leave my father here. The Qing Yun Clan knows that the other half of the Soul Jade is with us, they will just have to ask around a little, and they will know that the Soul Jade had been buried together with my father. It’s a matter of time for them to come straight to the grave to dig it up.” Jun Wu Xie reasoned.

Jun Gu’s coffin had been dug up and there was no point in putting in back.

Jun Xian understood Jun Wu Xie’s concerns and the reasons behind them, moreover after seeing Jun Gu’s body in that condition, he fully agreed with Jun Wu Xie’s decision.

The Rui Lin Army soldiers in the graveyard moved, silent as wraiths, loading the coffin onto the horse carriage. They then moved more earth from the surrounding areas to fill up the grave and made it look like the grave had been undisturbed for a decade.

Jun Wu Xie climbed back up atop the black beast, and allowed her thoughts to drift afar. If the Soul Jade can really bring Jun Gu back to life, she would keep not just the half the Jun Family possessed with them, she would not hand over the Soul Jade in Mo Qian Yuan’s hands to the Qing Yun Clan as well!

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