GDBBM – Chapter 197

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Chapter 197: “Unseal the Coffin (4)”

Jun Wu Xie could not stop him, and Jun Xian touched the Soul Jade. It’s cold and smooth surface was felt through his fingers and Jun Xian frowned. He….. did not feel anything unusual.

“Wu Xie, what happened to you? Please don’t frighten us.” Jun Qing held Jun Wu Xie tightly, eyes filled with deep concern. When Jun Wu Xie had been affected earlier, the black beast had shown signs of torment as well, and the beast was still panting heavily, lying on the ground. In that brief moment, Jun Wu Xie and the black beast seemed to have sustained great injuries and they looked to be in rather bad condition.

With Wu Xie and her contractual spirit struck at the same time, it was rather worrying to see.

“I’m fine.” Jun Wu Xie shook her head to clear up the dizziness within and tried to focus on the task at hand. The torment the force inflicted on her earlier was not so much pain on her flesh, but a terrifying strike at her soul. She struggled to stand, and looked at Jun Xian.

“Grandfather, you are fine?” She looked at the hand that was still in contact with the Soul Jade.

Jun Xian turned and walked towards his granddaughter and released his hand from the Soul Jade.

“Of course I am fine, are you feeling better?”

Jun Wu Xie nodded, but was feeling rather puzzled. When she had touched the Soul Jade, it had struck powerfully at her soul, but looking at Jun Xian, he had seemed to be totally unaffected. What could be causing it?

“Meowww.” The black beast had crawled over to her after it saw Jun Wu Xie struggling to stand and lowered its head while it whined pitifully to rub against the back of her hand.

[It was such a terrible feeling, I had thought I would never want to go through it again…..’]

The black beast was feeling rather depressed and melancholy.

Jun Wu Xie was startled. She looked down at the black beast and asked: “Again?”

Black beast nodded.


[Before I merged with you, when my soul was detaching from my body, it was the very same feeling.]

Having heard from the black beast, Jun Wu Xie finally understood what they had experienced earlier. If her guess was right, the Soul Jade was capable of drawing out the soul of a being, but its capabilities were somehow limited.

She was not the original soul that inhabited this body, hence her soul was not entirely stable and complete in it. Jun Xian’s soul was complete in his own body thus the Soul Jade had no effect on him.

This piece of Soul Jade here, was capable of absorbing incomplete and unstable souls, and Jun Wu Xie did not like that one tiny bit.

But, the Soul Jade’s capability to absorb unstable souls did not explain why Jun Gu’s body did not decompose.

Can it be that, the Soul Jade held more untold secrets?

Jun Wu Xie frowned in consternation, she was certain that Jun Gu’s body, having been preserved in such a good condition, definitely had something to do with the Soul Jade. If the Soul Jade was taken out, Jun Gu’s body would rot and decompose in time.

Staring at the the perfectly preserved body of Jun Gu in the coffin, Jun Wu Xie was reluctant to disturb his peace.

“Grandfather, I have something to discuss with you.” And Jun Wu Xie walked towards Jun Xian.

“I do not intend to hand the Soul Jade over to the Qing Yun Clan. Moreover, my father’s body could very possibly be preserved in perfect condition by the Soul Jade. If we remove the Soul Jade, I’m afraid…..” Jun Wu Xie did not have to finish her sentence and Jun Xian understood the consequences.

Something that could preserve a dead body perfectly for a decade, it must definitely be one of a kind.

If he had not seen the body perfectly preserved, he might still give up the Soul Jade. But having seen his beloved eldest son’s face in his peace, he did not have the heart to defile it.

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