GDBBM – Chapter 191

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Chapter 191: “I Need to Get Stronger (1)”

Jun Wu Xie returned to Lin Palace immediately and had a meeting with Jun Xian and Jun Qing in the study, to have them tell her all about the Soul Jade.

Jun Xian’s expression grew grave as he heaved a sigh and said: “The Soul Jade has been buried together with your father.”

Jun Wu Xie remained silent, as she observed Jun Xian’s and Jun Qing’s expressions. She gathered both father and son were reluctant to disturb her father’s rest.

From Jun Xian, she learnt that people of this world would place a piece of jade into the mouth of the deceased to ward off evil, and believed that this would allow the soul to rest in peace. Having a piece of jade put in the mouths of deceased persons and buried was a practice Jun Wu Xie had heard of in her previous life as well. It was an ancient custom from a long time ago.

The Soul Jade was bestowed to their family by the founding Emperor, and a symbol of the glory of Qi. When Jun Gu was killed in battle, Jun Xian was devastated and things linked to his past glories achieved from his own battles only served to remind him painfully of his loss, and he decided to bury the Soul Jade with Jun Gu.

Who would have expected that after so many years, Qing Yun Clan would come searching for the very same Soul Jade?

“With regards to this, your uncle and I will settle the issue.” Jun Xian sighed, having come to a decision in his heart.

The deceased was no longer here, while the living continue to suffer the tribulations of life. The might of the Qing Yun Clan was not something that Lin Palace could stand up to. Even if they refused, the fact that the Soul Jade was buried together with Jun Gu was widely known among the people, and with the slightest probe, the Qing Yun Clan would easily find out about it.

Knowing Qing Yun Clan’s tyrannical ways, they will disregard any protest the Jun Family put up.

Instead of having the Qing Yun Clan dig up the grave forcefully, they would rather carry out the task themselves.

Jun Wu Xie, remained silent, as she saw the look of helplessness and grief on the faces of Jun Xian and Jun Qing, as she gripped her hands tightly.

Their disparity in might, showed her clearly how harsh reality could be.

The law of the jungle, the weak stands at the mercy of the strong. However reluctant they might be, there was no other way.

So what if she could forced the Emperor into abdication? As large as the world was, the were many powers that could coerce the Jun Family into submission.

The current situation being an example. The Qing Yun Clan had forced the Jun Family to have no choice but to desecrate Jun Gu’s grave, or if Qing Yun Clan were to find out what Jun Wu Xie had done to Bai Yun Xian, the whole Jun Family would be annihilated.

Even with the hundred thousand strong Rui Lin Army defending them, the delegation of over twenty from Qing Yun Clan, had many highly skilled exponents among them. With Jiang Chen Qing’s prowess, if he wanted to kill the family of three in the Lin Palace, the whole of Rui Lin Army might not be able to stop them!

Jun Wu Xie gritted her teeth, she didn’t want the Jun Family so helpless.

“You should go rest up.” Jun Xian sighed heavily. He was feeling very reluctant, but he was not prepared to risk the lives of his son and granddaughter.

Persecuted though no fault of theirs.

The noble Jun Family had to suffer such injustice.

If the Qing Yun Clan was aware that the other half of the Soul Jade was in the Jun Family’s possession. The Qing Yun Clan will come knocking in demand if the Jun Family did not surrender it.

Jun Wu Xie stood up, and left without a word.

She walked out of the study and looked up into the night sky. The bright round moon and the star studded sky could not stir up any feelings of appreciation.

“What’s on your mind?” A bemused voice rang out.

Jun Wu Xie did not turn her head, as she knew who that was.

“Jun Wu Yao.” She called, eyes fixed to the sky.


“Are you strong?”

The steps that were going towards Jun Wu Xie stopped. He did not rush up as he usually did, to put her in his embrace. He narrowed his eyes, and looked at the solitary back before him.

“I would think so.”


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