GDBBM – Chapter 188

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Chapter 188: “Hidden from the Enemy (2)”

Qin Yu Yan did not sense anything from Bai Yun Xian that showed otherwise, Bai Yun Xian was really anxious for them to save Mo Xun Fei!

If they can cure Mo Xuan Fei, she will be free of Jun Wu Xie’s manipulation.

Jun Wu Xie was watching everything intently, but she was not the least bit worried.

Qing Yun Clan, self proclaimed as the best in medicine under the heavens, Jun Wu Xie would like to see, if they had what it took to remedy her poison.

Trying his best to hold down the vomit threatening to rush up his throat, Jiang Chen Qing took Mo Xuan Fei’s pulse, his face in undisguised disgust. However, when he ascertained his pulse, he stood there as if frozen, his expression in shock.

“How is it possible?”

Jiang Chen Qing’s incredulous exclamation attracted the attention of Qin Yu Yan and Bai Yun Xian.

“Uncle Jiang, what is it?” Qin Yu Yan asked.

Jiang Chen Qing’s face showed utter disbelief. He had forgotten his disgust at Mo Xuan Fei’s mangled hand. He checked his pulse again, carefully, and his expression remained the same, still unable to believe himself.

“Eldest Miss, this….. It’s better that you come see it yourself.” Jiang Chen Qing was at a loss.

Seeing Jiang Chen Qing’s reaction only made Bai Yun Xian more anxious, as she stood wringing her hands, unable to ask outright and could only look on helplessly.

Qin Yu Yan hesitated a moment to bring her emotions under control and to maintain a facade of calm, before she stepped up to take the pulse of Mo Xuan Fei.

She put her fingers lightly on the wrist of Mo Xuan Fei, and her expression became just like Jiang Chen Qing, an expression of incredulity.

This man was visibly rotting away and on the brink of death, but he possessed the pulse of a healthy individual. If his condition was not so painfully obvious, Qin Yu Yan would have given him a clean bill of health!

What is happening here?

“Eldest Miss, can he be saved?” Bai Yun Xian could not hold herself back anymore.

Qin Yu Yan bit on her lip, and stepped away from Mo Xuan Fei.

“His pulse is normal, his condition might not be caused by poison.”

The world came crashing down on Bai Yun Xian, her last glimmer of hope extinguished.

That’s about right. She had taken her own pulse after taking Jun Wu Xie’s poison, and the diagnosis was the same as Qin Yu Yan.

Nothing abnormal!

It is now certain, Qin Yu Yan and Jiang Chen Qing are unable to cure her of the poison.

“Your Majesty, our findings from our diagnosis of the duke rule out the possibility of poison, and we are unable to cure him of his condition. All we can do to help is to prolong his life and reduce his pain.” Qin Yu Yan walked over to Mo Qian Yuan, showing absolutely no remorse on being unable to help.

Mo Qian Yuan made a face showing regret and sighed: “Well, guess that’s fate, and we’ve troubled the two of you.”

Qin Yu Yan was in a foul mood. She did not care that she could not cure Mo Xuan Fei. It was her intention to first save Mo Xuan Fei and have Mo Qian Yuan owe Qing Yun Clan a debt of gratitude, making it much easier to fulfil her other goal in coming here. But since she was unable to cure him, the only option left was to tell it to Mo Qian Yuan straight.

With that decided, she pulled out a bottle of medicinal elixirs, and handed it to Mo Qian Yuan.

“These are Silent Dragon Elixirs, and its recipe is guarded closely within our Qing Yun Clan. It can prolong a person’s life, and lend nourishment to their spiritual powers.” Qin Yu Yan explained.

Mo Qian Yuan was surprised, thinking Qin Yu Yan was really unpredictable in her actions, she had offered to save a life, and then she readily offered him such amazing elixirs. It would be hard to believe she did not need anything from him, and was just doing this out of kindness and magnanimity. He wouldn’t buy that, over his dead body.

“How can I accept that, a priceless treasure like this?” Mo Qian Yuan declined politely. After having met Jun Wu Xie, he didn’t care for Qing Yun Clan’s medicines, pills and what not.

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