GDBBM – Chapter 187

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Chapter 187: “Hidden from the Enemy (1)”

That night, after the delegates were bursting with wine and food from the feast, Mo Qian Yuan and Bai Yun Xian led Qin Yu Yan and Jiang Chen Qing to the palace that Mo Xuan Fei resided in.

Before they even reached the door, Qin Yu Yan detected a foul stench of rot mixed in with the fragrance of various herbs The strong smell of herbs was unable to cover the pungent stench.

The door was opened, and within the palace, sat a man on a wheelchair.


More accurately, it was a decaying corpse. Rotting flesh hung on its exposed bones. He was clothed, but in the areas where he was not covered, there was not a single spot where the flesh was not affected by his condition. Thick yellow pus clung on the darkened blood wounds and dripped from the man’s face, neck and hands. If his chest did not rise and fall weakly, there would have been no sign of life in him.

Even the hardened and stoic Jiang Chen Qing had gasped deeply at the sight of Mo Xuan Fei.

That breath had drawn in the foul stench deep into his lungs and very nearly caused him to faint.

That man is still alive? That is obviously an old rotting corpse!

The constant rot had caused Mo Xuan Fei to lose all his hair, his thin scalp was in tatters, and his skull was visible.

The smile on Qin Yu Yan’s face froze, and her hands at her sides trembled.

Mo Qian Yuan observed their reactions carefully, and reveled in his heart. He looked discreetly at a figure standing in a corner of the room. Jun Wu Xie was small in stature, and dressed in the clothes of a palace eunuch, it hid her girly curves perfectly. With her tiny face, hidden among a bunch of palace functionaries, she blended in perfectly.

“This is my royal brother. He had been poisoned for a time. If it was not for Miss Bai’s efforts, he would not have lasted till now. I implore for Miss Qin to please have a look.”

Qin Yu Yan’s smile was rather stiff, when she heard that Mo Xuan Fei was poisoned, she had prepared herself, but never could she have imagined, that Mo Xuan Fei would turn into such a hideous monster like this…..

Is that even human?

That was just a pile of rotting meat!

“Uncle Jiang is a respected elder of our Qing Yun Clan, and posses exceptional medical skills. Allow him to have a look at him.” Qin Yu Yan recovered and pasted her gentle and elegant smile back on her face, refusing to take a single step nearer towards Mo Xuan Fei.

The second prince who had made so many ladies swoon throughout the kingdom had now had his looks reduced to be one that scared ladies to the point they faint in fright.

Jiang Chen Qing was shocked by how Mo Xuan Fei looked, but they had agreed to lend a hand, he had no choice but to soldier on.

Jiang Chen QIng walked towards Mo Xuan Fei with a dark expression on his face. Qin Yu Yan turned her eyes on Bai Yun Xian, whose eyes were fixed upon the form of Mo Xuan Fei, her eyes showing fear and anticipation.

“Yun Xian, you really do love him.” Qin Yu Yan said with a laugh.

Bai Yun Xian was focused on the solely on Jiang Chen Qing’s diagnosis. She did not pay much attention to Qin Yu Yan’s words, and nodded absentmindedly.

In the corner, Jun Wu Xie who was disguised as a eunuch, observed every single reaction of those three. Jiang Chen Qing might be an Elder in the Qing Yun Clan, but from their conversation, it can be concluded that Qin Yu Yan had the authority to command him. Qin Yu Yan was obviously the chief-in-command, in this delegation from Qing Yun Clan.

Qin Yu Yan seemed to be showing concern for Bai Yun Xian’s relationship with Mo Xuan Fei, but in actual fact, she was trying to ascertain, whether Bai Yun Xian genuinely wanted to save Mo Xuan Fei.


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