GDBBM – Chapter 189

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Chapter 189: “Soul Jade (1)”

The hidden Jun Wu Xie perked up, she had long suspected Qing Yun Clan had other intentions.

Faced with Mo Qian Yuan’s refusal, Qin Yu Yan went straight to the point: “To be honest, the regime change in the Kingdom of Qi was beyond our expectations. Before that, the former Emperor had previously agreed to a deal with my father. The purpose of Yun Xian’s visit was to retrieve an item, only she was unaware of it. The former Emperor is no longer around, but the agreed deal still stands. Hence, I hope Your Majesty can adhere to the wishes of our fathers, and complete the deal.”

“What deal was that?” This time, Mo Qian Yuan was genuinely confused. He had not heard anything about a secret deal with the Qing Yun Clan!

“It’s the Soul Jade.” Qin Yu Yan replied, short and concise.

“Soul Jade?” Mo QIan Yuan was shocked.

“Yes, the Kingdom of Qi has two pieces of Soul Jade. It was handed down by the founders of the Kingdom of Qi. The two pieces of jade was originally one whole, when they founded the kingdom, the founding Emperor broke the jade in two, and kept one half in the palace, and gifted the other half to his comrade in arms who was of a different family name, General Jun Xian. The Soul Jade might only serve a symbolic purpose to you, but it is extremely important to the Qing Yun Clan. Our Qing Yun Clan is willing to exchange it for a batch of priceless elixirs and medicines, and the former Emperor had previously agreed to it. The purpose of my visit this time round, was firstly to bring Yun Xian back, and also to conclude the deal with Qi. Yun Xian had already brought the elixirs and pills from Qing Yun Clan earlier, and I would request for Your Majesty to hand over the two pieces of Soul Jade to us.” Qin Yu Yan had initially conveyed her request in a clear, gentle tone. The further she went on, her request took on a tone of demand at the end.

Mo Qian Yuan was flustered, he had not counted on them demanding for the Soul Jade.

The Soul Jade had been with the Kingdom of Qi for decades, besides being a symbol of the kingdom’s founding glory and honour, it had served little other purpose and it was no great loss to gift it to the Qing Yun Clan.

The problem was, with the half that was given to Jun Xian.

If he remembered it correctly, when Jun Xian’s eldest son, who was Jun Wu Xie’s father, died in battle, and that piece of Soul Jade had been buried together with him. If they were to retrieve it, that would mean digging up Jun Gu’s grave!

Sweat formed on his forehead. He knew that Jun Wu Xie had heard all that was said.

He did not dare reveal to the Qing Yun Clan that the Jun Family’s half of the Soul Jade had been buried together with Jun Gu, as knowing the tyranny the Qing Yun Clan was capable of, they would have sent people to desecrate Jun Gu’s grave immediately.

“That will naturally be done. I will have the two pieces of Soul Jade sent to you as soon as possible.” It had been too sudden, and Mo Qian Yuan did not want to speak too much on it, and agreed for the moment.

Qin Yu Yan nodded in satisfaction, and exchanged a few words with Jiang Chen Qing before Mo Qian Yuan escorted them out to have their rest.

In the palace, Bai Yun Xian looked at Mo Xuan Fei in resignation, as depression seeped into her.

“Give up?” The clear cold voice cut across the room from a corner, that now familiar voice sent a chill up her spine.

Jun Wu Xie restored her facial features and stepped out from the shadows. She was still dressed as a eunuch, but her frosty demeanor still left her weak in her knees.

“I….. I…..” Bai Yun Xian looked in terror at Jun Wu Xie.

“Under the skies, no one can save you, but me. If you know that now, you know what to do.” Jun Wu Xie stared icily at Bai Yun Xian.

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