GDBBM – Chapter 130

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Chapter 130: “This is Just the Beginning (4)”

Decades of unwavering loyalty and in return, your life under threat. Even the most blindly loyal will awake to that reality.  

The Emperor had decided to do away with the mighty Jun Family, and if it was not for the decisive and resolved Jun Wu Xie, who repelled the onslaught, the Lin Palace might have vanquished.

Seeing  that Jun Xian had accepted her decision, Jun Wu Xie was greatly relieved. She would rather face the scorn from all the people under the Heavens, and suffer abuse and humiliation throughout the lands. But she cannot live with her grandfather and uncle hating her.

“Rest assured, Grandfather. I have made the necessary preparation. The Jun Family will not come to harm.”

“I heard from your Uncle you released the Soaring Cloud Signal. You are really fearless. I know everything that happened tonight, and I am happy you handled every aspect so well. But I want to know of any future plans you make, please do not hide anything from me.” Jun Xian said in mock sternness, the twinkle in his eyes betraying him, where they were filled with love and affection.

“Yes, I shall.” Jun Wu Xie nodded.

“I intend to have the Emperor abdicate, and let the Crown Prince ascend the throne.”

Jun Wu Xie’s short nonchalant statement made everyone’s heart almost stop.


She still wants the Emperor to relinquish his throne!

Jun Qing’s heart almost jumped out of him.

“Everything I did tonight was to firstly force the Emperor to release Grandfather, secondly, it was to eradicate the Emperor’s lackeys and lastly, I needed to shore up our support and create favourable conditions for us.”

Rescuing Jun Xian was her prerogative, and the other two objectives were to sabotage the Imperial Family’s prestige and standing.

The massacre of officials and generals tonight had gotten rid of powers who were against the Lin Palace, many of them strong supporters of the Emperor. With them eradicated, it was now harder for the Emperor to carry out any schemes in court.

With concrete evidence produced, the executions of the corrupt officials had pushed the reputation of the Lin Palace to new peaks!

“You planned for all these? You pushed all credit at the end to His Highness all in order to achieve your aims?” Jun Xian finally understood Jun Wu Xie’s intentions. The Emperor’s wings were now clipped, and Jun Wu Xie grabbed the chance to present Mo Qian Yuan to the people and made it memorable.

All of these, to lay the foundation for the change of powers!

“Yes.” Jun Wu Xie replied, without hiding her intentions.

Since the Emperor cannot accommodate the Jun Family’s existence, she will change the Emperor!

“In order to take over the throne legitimately, it is imperative Your Highness wins the support for the people.” Jun Wu Xie reasoned.

The quiet Mo Qian Yuan sitting in the corner jumped. When Jun Wu Xie executed Wei Qun Hua, he had felt that Jun Wu Xie had activated their dormant alliance.

If not for the Emperor’s vicious hand, Jun Wu Xie would have bided her time.

It was the Emperor’s malice that brought about the massacre by Jun Wu Xie!

“You had the Rui Lin Army lock down the Imperial City, in preparation to force the Emperor’s abdication?” As Jun Wu Xie’s intentions dawned on Jun Xian, he saw the astonishing depth the plan entailed, and she was able to formulate it flawlessly when she was caught in blinding rage. That was a feat he was incapable of.

“Yes, I prepared it when I summoned the Rui Lin Army. If they do not release Grandfather, I will breach the Imperial Palace. If they release him, I will lock down the Imperial City, and force his abdication. As long as the Rui Lin Army controls the Imperial City, the Emperor will not be able to draw his troops back. And once, Mo Qian Yuan ascends the throne, our Jun Family will be free from these misgivings.” Jun Wu Xie explained her plans, her eyes aglow.

Expose the crimes, execute the officials, lock down the Imperial City, these were all within Jun Wu Xie’s expectations before she moved out with the army.

Release or not, the Emperor had to die!

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