GDBBM – Chapter 122

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Chapter 122: “The Art of Killing (4)”

Mo Xuan Fei had seen despicable, but never one as despicable as Jun Wu Xie!

She was blatantly pinning the past crimes of the officials onto the unrelated charge of the attack on him! And to the topmost ranked court officials!

What audacity!

At this moment, even Mo Qian Yuan who had been observing in the background, started to suspect that Jun Wu Xie was not born of the Jun Family. Although the Jun Family was mighty, people of the Jun Family were religiously upright. They were incapable of action through despicable means. What made it more strange was Jun Wu Xie’s grave solemnity through it all, it was not a disposition of one as young as she!

Where did she get these evidence for the crimes of those high ranking officials?

She had them all prepared and had them with her all this time! What was scary was the meticulous detailed planning that all these required!

To attack someone using a borrowed knife!

This plan really ran deep!

Jun Wu Xie simply took these evidence which Jun Xian painstakingly prepared. These evidence were all prepared by Jun Xian personally however he never had the chance to use it, although Lin Palace was suppressed by them from all sides. He had them placed in his study, never would he have thought these would be used by Jun Wu Xie in such a manner!

Jun Xian knew that even if all these were made known to the Emperor, he might not do anything and may even increase the pressure on Lin Palace instead.

However, Jun Wu Xie simply used these as a pretext as she slays the named officials one by one under ‘the Emperor’s order’, using them to perfectly justify the executions.

Using the voice of the people was the most formidable weapon.

Jun Wu Xie had made use of every single factor and taken in every account as she contrived this plan.

Whatever Jun Xian and Jun Qing could not do, let her bear it all, all she wanted was for her grandfather to be well and alive. She did not care what happened to her, all she want now is to flush out all of Lin Palace’s enemies and force the Emperor to surrender Jun Xian!

One by one the officials fell to the sword brandished by the Rui Lin Army, the front gates were slowly soaked with red blood, an eerie deep ruby red carpet seemed to have formed as the air became thick and heavy with the stench of death.

But this was not over yet.

As long as the Emperor does not surrender Jun Xian, she would slay his lackeys one by one!

No matter what it is, Jun Wu Xie would not lose to anyone!

The Emperor’s body was on the verge of collapse, as his lips paled and his veins popped up. He gritted his teeth as he seethed with anger.

His Imperial dignity was being trampled on by this girl non stop! Every minute Jun Wu Xie was doing things that were akin to slapping his face!

However under the coercion of one hundred thousand Rui Lin Army, he could not resist!

Jun Xian was very loyal to the country but he faced the persecution of the Emperor. On the other hand, Jun Wu Xie completely disregarded the Emperor and trampled all over his dignity and dismissed his authority. The Emperor had a vey bad feeling…

Since the good are always bullied, Jun Wu Xie swore to never be a good person!

Even after her death, she would let hell know that she was not to be trifled with! She was not to be provoked! If anyone touches her, she would prove to be the demon of their nightmares!

As long as Jun Xian does not appear, she would not stop.

Even if she turned the whole palace into a burial ground, she must find her Grandfather!

The Emperor and Mo Xuan Fei hatred towards Jun Wu Xie had turned into fear. They were afraid of the method she had, how cold and heartless was she? This was not the style of the Lin Palace as they could feel themselves being ensnared.

At that moment the Emperor was very sorry and full of regret. Why did they have to provoke the Jun Family? If he had known that their family’s young miss was such a dangerous variable, he would never had attempted to touch them!

“Quickly! Quick send someone to stop them! We CANNOT kill Jun Xian! If he is killed, that insane girl will definitely come after our heads!” The Emperor suddenly awakened. Such reckless behaviour, what did it all lead to? What did all these killings represent?

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