GDBBM – Chapter 1150

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Chapter 1150: “Blood for Blood (2)”

“That’s quite true, we fight with our lives and squander so many of our men but we don’t gain anything from it. What is His Majesty thinking?” The officer said, becoming a little depressed.

The Chief Commander then said: “We aren’t really getting nothing out of it though. The Condor Country has promised that after the Qi Kingdom has fallen, they will not be taking any of their lands. They only want the Imperial City and the other three countries will split the rest. It won’t be much longer that the Qi Kingdom will belong to us and the other two countries, and the Qi Kingdom will henceforth be no more under these Heavens!”

“Is that even possible? What is the Condor Country aiming to achieve by doing this?” The officer asked curiously.

“Who knows? These are things we do not have to bother about anyway.” The Chief Commander then said with a shrug of his shoulders.

“Actually, from what I can see, just the Condor Country’s army alone will be enough to take the Qi Kingdom. So why did the Condor Country want to join forces with us?” The Condor Country was a mighty country inferior only to the Fire Country. The Qi Kingdom is just a tiny place and such a small country before the Condor Country should be easily taken. But they had roped in three other countries and even promised to not lay claim to any of the lands in the Qi Kingdom. That was a point that made one can’t help but think to be rather strange.

“Tsk….. You are underestimating the Qi Kingdom’s military might a little too much! A large part of the Qi Kingdom’s army is indeed weak and vulnerable, but don’t you forget, the Qi Kingdom has the most ferocious strike force under the Heavens, the Rui Lin Army! The Rui Lin Army might number only a hundred thousand, but with just that one hundred thousand men, they could very well be able to swallow up a million lions! The Condor Country seeks to take down the Qi Kingdom, but are unwilling to face them head on just by themselves. If it had been only the Condor Country’s army alone, even if they managed to take down the Qi Kingdom, it would be expected that the Rui Lin Army would have bitten off a huge chunk of their meat. So, they had chosen to ally with three other countries, to split up the Rui Lin Army force, to reduce their losses instead.” The Chief Commander explained.

At the mention of the Rui Lin Army, the officer subconsciously shivered. On this side of the battlefield, the number of Rui Lin Army soldiers they had encountered had not numbered more than twenty thousand, but the losses they had suffered under them had been unprecedentedly terrifying. The twenty thousand Rui Lin Army soldiers combined with a hundred thousand of the Qi Kingdom’s army, had properly knocked off eight hundred thousand from their strength, with the majority of them killed by the Rui Lin Army soldiers.

If they did not have the Rui Lin Army men among them holding the fort, and had faced only the Qi Kingdom’s army, they wouldn’t have taken much time to make mincemeat out of them.

“We have heard from the start that the men from the Rui Lin Army can take on ten men against a single one of theirs but I had thought that that was merely a baseless rumour. Now that I have seen it for myself, I know for a fact just how terrifying they really are. It’s little wonder why for so many years, a tiny country like the Qi Kingdom, did not have anyone dare to invade them. With the Rui Lin Army among them, any country that has any ideas towards the Qi Kingdom, will have to prepare themselves fully for it.”

The Chief Commander then continued on with a sneer: “The Qi Kingdom only has the Rui Lin Army as a significant force and it was all due to the foolishness of their previous Emperor, with his uncalled for suspicions and jealousy, that he forcibly reduced the Rui Lin Army’s numbers after the kingdom progressed, dismissing many of its most ferocious generals, and gradually reduced the Rui Lin Army’s numbers over the years. If the previous Emperor had not been so foolish, the Rui Lin Army would not be left with just one hundred thousand soldiers, and if their numbers had doubled by just one time, we would have had to seriously reconsider lending a hand in this.”

The dumbest people under the Heavens, were those that broke their own arms, and it had been the Qi Kingdom’s previous Emperor who had lent them the greatest hand in this invasion!

“But it does not matter how brave or ferocious they are, they will still end up a pile of bones in the end! After the Qi Kingdom falls, the most ferocious strike force under the heavens, the Rui Lin Army, will henceforth cease to exist! Ha ha ha!”



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