GDBBM – Chapter 1149

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Chapter 1149: “Blood for Blood (1)”

When the army returned, they did not even have time for any rest. Once all the soldiers came into the city, they had immediately commenced on the final preparations for the upcoming siege!

The four country allied army advanced quickly, and fire beacons were lit all around the Qi Kingdom!

Deep in the night, the guards upon the walls of the Imperial City blew the bugle, signalling the enemy’s attack!

Under the night sky, with the Condor Country commanding them, the forces of three countries had already arrived at the Imperial City. The armies of the three countries gathered and the monumental immensity of the enemy forces was truly terrifying to see!

The decisive battle, was about to begin!

This night, no one was able to get any sound sleep.


At the border of the Qi Kingdom, an enormous army quietly advanced!

Everywhere the army passed, all that they saw was destruction and ruin. The torched and burning battlefields and fallen cities, showed them in no uncertain terms, the intensity of the battles that had taken place.

The armoured cavalry pounded through the blackened lands, and everyone saw the scene before them. They were all soldiers, and they had fought their fair share of battles, but…..

When they saw the mountainous piles of bodies, they could not help themselves but be stunned.

An infantry soldier suddenly stepped upon a broken metal badge. He bent over and picked it up, to wipe off the blood stains upon it. Upon that broken metal badge, it was clearly inscribed with three characters that read Rui Lin Army!

“Give it to me.” A slightly chill voice suddenly rang out from the front.

The soldier was taken aback but he immediately brought the badge and offered it up with two hands to the young youth riding high up on a massive stallion, right at the forefront of the ranks.

The youth was dressed in silver light armour, his looks not considered to be highly good looking, but the cold and grave expression on his face, made none of them dare show him the slightest disrespect.

The youth held the broken badge in his hand, his thumb rubbing against the protruding characters that read Rui Lin Army, and his icy eyes quickly hardened.

“Report! Your Majesty! Five miles ahead, we’ve discovered an army carrying the banner of the Prosper Country!” The scout had rode his horse back as fast as he could and immediately dismounted to deliver the news.

The youth seated atop the stallion kept the Rui Lin Army badge carefully away and looked up, the frosty eyes quickly filling with chilling murder.

“Prosper Country….. Great. We’ll start with them. Hear my command! Advance quickly at once!”

In the Prosper Country encampment, within the Commander’s tent, the Chief Commander of the Prosper Country’s army was seated leaning back in his chair, as several rather good looking ladies knelt at his feet. The ladies were in a wretched state, their hands and feet shackled with chains, their bodies covered in wounds from a whip. They were citizens of the Qi Kingdom and after their city was overrun by the Prosper Country’s army, they had been taken by their Commander and were put through inhumane torture.

“Chief Commander, the Condor Country and the rest have already reached the Qi Kingdom’s Imperial City. Aren’t we going to move out as well?” An officer of the Prosper Country asked in puzzlement as he looked at his Chief Commander.

The Chief Commander took the wine offered by the lady prisoner and slowly took a sip out from it before he shook his head to say: “Go there for what? When the Qi Kingdom falls, it’s the Condor Country that will get all the benefits anyway. If we go there now, we will just be fighting the battle for them. His Majesty has ordered us to assist the Condor Country to invade the Qi Kingdom, but when the Qi Kingdom’s Imperial City falls, he doesn’t allow us to pillage and plunder the city. Wouldn’t we just be dirtying our hands for the Condor Country’s benefit? Anyway, the Qi Kingdom are no longer able to put up any significant resistance and the armies of the other three countries would already make up a force of almost three million, even without us, they would surely be able to deal with the puny force the Qi Kingdom has left!”

The Chief Commander then said with a distasteful smile: “Whether we go or not, it’ll turn out the same. I’d rather we just get our brothers to slowly ready ourselves to go back home instead.”


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