GDBBM – Chapter 113

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Chapter 113: “Soaring Cloud Signal (4)”

The entire Rui Lin Army was mobilised!

Wasn’t the wide span of flickering torch throughout the city a show of the Rui Lin Army’s complete control of the Imperial City?

“Jun Wu Xie! What is the meaning of this!?” Mo Xuan Fei shouted, standing behind the Emperor, unable to believe the scene before him.

Jun Wu Xie raised her head, under the flickering torchlight, her beauty was breathtaking, except her eyes, which emanated merciless murder.

“The Lin Palace, has under the orders of His Majesty, pursued the culprits who attacked the Second Prince.” Jun Wu Xie replied coldly.

“What nonsense are you spouting!” Mo Xuan Fei stared at Jun Wu Xie with an incredulous expression.

The attack on the Second Prince happened some time ago. The matter was handed to Jun Xian to investigate, but to no avail and everyone had almost forgotten about it.

“The Lin Palace has carried out your orders and executed the culprits.” Jun Wu Xie ignored the outburst from Mo Xuan Fei, her flaming eyes locked onto the lone figure in the dragon robe.

With that statement, the Rui Lin Army soldiers piled hundred of mangled corpses before the gates, their blood still flowing, staining the ground with scarlet pools.

The acrid stench from the pile of bodies wafted with the breeze, filled the air. The whole scene caused the air to feel heavy.

Upon seeing the bodies’ dark clothes, the Emperor and Mo Xuan Fei were taken aback.

“These were the assassins that attacked the Second Prince. My grandfather gave orders to apprehend them, and they attempted to annihilate the Lin Palace. In retaliation. I had them all executed.” Jun Wu Xie explained as she coldly looked up where the Emperor and Mo Xuan Fei stood. Other than Mo Xuan Fei and Bai Yun Xian, there were no other witnesses. Only they knew that it was not a group of assassins as claimed, but a single person. Jun Wu Xie knew that it was just a lone Jun Wu Yao.

Mo Xuan Fei gave false leads to Jun Xian intentionally, and now, she turned the table and used his own ruse against him!

Mo Xuan Fei was left flabbergasted, he never would have thought, a careless joke on Jun Xian has been turned back upon himself! Those bodies did not attack him, they were assassins he sent to infiltrate the Lin Palace!

Three hundred assassins, all dead!?

Weren’t the Lin Palace guards lured away? A mere fifteen guards killed three hundred assassins?

The Emperor saw the look on Mo Xuan Fei and it was clear what happened. He plastered an amicable smile and said: “You’ve done well. Since my orders have been fulfilled, I will reward Lin Palace personally.” With a hundred thousand Rui Lin Army soldiers in the city, even the Emperor didn’t dare pick a fight with Jun Wu Xie.

The Rui Lin Army might be a sharp blade of Qi, but the blade could be reversed and pressed against its own neck, and that blade is nothing to laugh at.

Jun Xian being a loyal vassal, would not bring the whole Rui Lin Army into the Imperial City, not even to apprehend assassins.

On top of the palace walls, the Yu Lin Army stood shaking as they watched Jun Wu Xie, the first person to bring the Rui Lin Army within the Imperial City, the criticised Young Miss from Lin Palace!

Not even Jun Xian or Jun Qing had dared to do it, didn’t she care to keep her head?

They can see the green veins popping on the Emperor’s tightly clenched hands!

Jun Wu Xie must be fearless, this act of hers will draw undue suspicion to her loyalty! Such boldness! Such rashness! What was she thinking?

The Emperor’s amicable words were obviously in fear of revolt by the Rui Lin Army, once the soldiers retreat, the wrath of the Son of Heaven shall descend upon the Lin Palace!

For those who would like to refresh their memory, Wu Wang appeared on Chapter 38

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