GDBBM – Chapter 112

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Chapter 112: “Soaring Cloud Signal (3)”

When she first stepped into the Rui Lin Army’s barracks, Jun Wu Xie had, in the name of the Jun Family, assumed command of this formidable army as well!

Jun Wu Xie disregarded the General Li Ran’s body and turned to face the Rui Lin Army.

“Traitors to the crown are threatening the Imperial City, soldiers of all ranks, do your duty! Tonight, we shall take down the traitors!”

“Yes!” the soldiers thundered.

Perched atop the black beast, Jun Wu Xie called out, “Long Qi.”

“Here!” Long Qi replied, thinking how long it had been since the Cloud Soaring Signal was used. He could not remember it clearly, but when the signal flared, lighting the sky with its brilliance, it lit the dormant fire within him as well.

“Bring me Wu Wang.”

“It shall be done!”

“To all commanders, turn the Imperial City inside out if you have to, arrest all the traitors!” Jun Wu Xie ordered.

Whoever dares hurt a hair on Grandfather, even if its the Emperor, he shall see that Lin Palace is not to be messed with!

Jun Qing watched on as Jun Wu Xie gave out the orders, speechless as her every word added on to the shock that shook him to the core.

Traitors? What traitors!?

Jun Wu Xie summoned the Rui Lin Army, ordered a search throughout the city, not for traitors, but for Jun Xian! She wanted chaos within the Imperial City, to rattle the Emperor, with a grand show of force to show him who he is messing with!

A hundred thousand soldiers from the Rui Lin Army, can create pandemonium.

With that force, one can even throw the Emperor off his throne!

Jun Qing finally understood, why Jun Wu Xie killed Li Ran.

Though unknowingly, Li Ran unwittingly became an accomplice that led Jun Xian into the trap. When she mentioned abdication in front of Li Ran earlier, she had not intended to let him live.  

Only the uncle and niece knew about the intention to force the hand of the Emperor, and for the army to find Jun Xian. All the Rui Lin Army knew were the orders to sieve out the traitors.

“Uncle, it’s time the Jun Family take a strong stand.” Jun Wu Xie left with these solemn words, and led the Rui Lin Army right into the centre of the Imperial City.

The army of one hundred thousand filled up the streets and alleys, the torches they carried lit the city bright as day.

Armoured horses galloped, kicking up a dust storm!

This night, the whole city was awoken, and they looked out, startled to see great numbers of horses galloping past them.

It had been many years, since they last saw the glory of the Rui Lin Army, who would have thought, they would bear witness to their valiant strength once again, within the Imperial City of Qi!?

Within the Imperial City, the palaces and residences of high ranking officials were surrounded by the Rui Lin Army.

The usually dignified officials hid within, terrified by the stoic and unyielding Rui Lin Army at their doors.

Long Qi broke into the Wu Palace with his men, pulled the Wu Wang from the warm embrace of his concubine, and threw him to the floor.

Squealing in fright, Long Qi unceremoniously dragged him away without a word!

An unparalleled beauty stood at the forefront of an army stopped right at the gates of the Imperial Palace.

The Emperor who was startled by the Cloud Soaring SIgnal, came down to the Imperial Palace where a large crowd congregated. He widened his eyes, as he saw Jun Wu Xie, standing in front of the Rui Lin Army.

The once widely criticised wilful and unreasonable Young Miss of Lin Palace, had now led the huge Rui Lin Army and blocked the gates of the Imperial Palace, the rows upon rows of torches, snaking throughout the city, looked like fire dragons, entrenched within!

Mo Qian Yuan stood among the crowd, looking down at Jun Wu Xie, from high upon the palace walls, eyes full of shock and surprise.

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