GDBBM – Chapter 1123

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Chapter 1123: “Spirit Absorbing Pearl”

In the dimly lit room, Jun Wu Yao stood leisurely in the middle of the room. In his hand, he was holding a crystalline clear blood red gem. Hearing Jun Wu Xie’s footsteps, he turned slowly around and the gem in his hand scintillated with a devilish gleam under the firelight.

“Still remember that Ye Sha once told you that when he came here to the Heavenly Cloud Chambers, he discovered something interesting?” Jun Wu Yao asked as he looked at Jun Wu Xie, his head tilted, the corners of his mouth arced up with a devilish charm.

“It’s this thing?” Jun Wu Xie asked, her gaze upon the blood red gem. The gem was obviously translucent but Jun Wu Xie could not help having the feeling that that thing was a ball formed from coalesced fresh blood.

“Among the Twelve Palaces, there is one named the Soul Return Palace, and they are most adept at using spirits to experiment different things. In the Soul Return Palace, there are many magical spiritual artifacts and among them, there is one called the Spirit Absorbing Pearl, that uses a living person’s blood as a medium, to be used as an offering to sacrifice the person’s spirit to the Spirit Absorbing Pearl, which infuses power into the Spirit Absorbing Pearl. With certain limitations, the Spirit Absorbing Pearl will be able to preserve a person’s youthful looks, but its true purpose isn’t just for this.” Jun Wu Yao said as he toyed nonchalantly with the blood filled Spirit Absorbing Pearl.

“This was what Qu Xin Rui used to preserve her youthful looks of a twenty something?” Jun Wu Xie immediately understood. No wonder she had always felt that there was something not quite right with how Qu Xin Rui looked.

“She should have used this. But the true purpose of the Spirit Absorbing Pearl is meant for a person’s spirit and not their looks. To think that there would be someone in the Soul Return Palace that would be so dumb as to waste the use of the Spirit Absorbing Pearl, that’s really quite….. interesting. Does Little Xie know, how the sacrifice that this Spirit Absorbing Pearl requires, is carried out?” Jun Wu Yao’s eyes narrowed slightly, his devilish gaze sweeping over the blood covered stone slab floor under their feet.

Jun Wu Xie shook her head.

Jun Wu Yao then said with a smile: “It needs the blood of a living human to nourish it, and it has to be the blood of a young male. When making the offering, they need to cut the sacrifice open from the chest to the abdomen, spread open the ribs to expose the chest and place this Spirit Absorbing Pearl into the sacrifice’s opened chest, to allow the blood to give it its nourishment, as it slowly absorbs the sacrifice’s spirit and life. And throughout the entire process, the sacrifice is still alive, till the Spirit Absorbing Pearl has absorbed all his spirit and life’s blood, before he breathes his last.”

Jun Wu Xie’s heart jumped. Qu Xin Rui had been so highly concerned with her looks and to preserve her youth all these years, she must have made quite a number of men as sacrifices. Within this blood tainted place, how many people have struggled before death claimed them, and how many young men from the Thousand Beast City had their lives taken away from them here?

“In actual fact, this Spirit Absorbing Pearl, is most suitable to be used on unstable spirits or people with spirits which are lacking. To have been used to preserve one’s looks, was just such a waste.” Jun Wu Yao said with a wide smile, he gaze upon Jun Wu Xie. Seeing the spot between Jun Wu Xie’s brows tense up, he asked: “Does Little Xie detest this highly demonic artifact?”

Jun Wu Xie did not say anything but Jun Wu Yao’s eyes glinted. He suddenly clutched five fingers together and instantly crushed the Spirit Absorbing Pearl!

The clear sound of an explosion rang out within the room and the broken Spirit Absorbing Pearl turned into a glittery dust that fell from Jun Wu Yao’s fingers.

“If Little Xie doesn’t like it, then there is no need for this thing to exist.”

Jun Wu Xie was a little surprised. She had always felt that Jun Wu Yao’s words were a little strange, but she could never put her finger on it.

Jun Wu Yao walked over to stand before Jun Wu Xie and lifted a hand to rub Little Xie on her head.

“You’ve toiled for so long, you should get some rest now.”

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