GDBBM – Chapter 1122

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Chapter 1122: “Crumble and Fall (3)”

Jun Wu Xie released her restraint on Qu Ling Yue and retreated to one side from the bed. There wasn’t a single expression on her face and the icy chill in her eyes were terrifying to look at.

“To live or die, you choose on your own.”

Qu Ling Yue was stunned. The news of her mother’s death and her father’s madness was just too shocking to her and she found that it was impossible for her to digest all of it within such a short period of time. She fell helplessly back to sit upon the bed and hit hard on the corner of the blanket, crying her heart out soundlessly as the grief and despair wrecked at her mercilessly.

Jun Wu Xie turned to walk out of the room and the instant she shut the room door, the sound of stifled crying could be heard behind the closed door.

Standing outside the door, Qiao Chu gulped noiselessly when he heard the crying. Everything that Jun Wu Xie had said to Qu Ling Yue earlier, he had heard every single word clearly.

The fact that Qu Ling Yue would have suicidal thoughts was something they had well expected. But even if you beat him to death, we would never have guessed that Jun Wu Xie would use such methods to stop Qu Ling Yue from killing herself.

Little Xie’s method was just too simply brutal by itself!

“Telling all of that to her like that, is that really alright?” Qiao Chu asked, seemingly rather conflicted inside as he looked at Jun Wu Xie. The one inside had just experienced an unimaginable nightmare and without even saying a single gentle comforting word, Jun Wu Xie had instead threatened her!

“If not, then?” Jun Wu Xie asked, looking at Qiao Chu with a frown on her face.

She had absolutely no idea how she was to comfort someone. Moreover, she did not think that those nice sounding words would have any effect. At this point, Qu Ling Yue completely detested and abhorred herself and no matter what reassuring words she said, Qu Ling Yue would definitely not hear a single word of it. So, she might as well employ a more direct method, to simply prevent her from taking her own life.

“Err…..” Qiao Chu was stumped by Jun Wu Xie’s retort and he did not know what to say. He had not tried comforting others as well and what’s more it was regarding a matter like this.

“You came to look for me for something?” Jun Wu Xie asked as she stared Qiao Chu who was still unable to speak.

Qiao Chu immediately remembered the reason he had come to look for Jun Wu Xie. “Er…. Big Brother Wu Yao discovered something within the Heavenly Cloud Chambers and he told me to come ask you to go there. It’s on the sixth level.”

Jun Wu Xie nodded her head and turned to walk away, leaving Qiao Chu to stand by the door alone, to listen to the sounds of crying coming out from inside the room, as he massaged his nose several times in helplessness.

The Heavenly Cloud Chamber, had now become temporary quarters for Jun Wu Xie to reside in. But after she had rescued Qu Ling Yue, she had not taken a single step out from that room and she wasn’t too familiar with her way around the place. All the favoured men who had been in the Heavenly Cloud Chambers had been chased out by Ye Sha and Ye Mei much earlier. Upon laying eyes on Jun Wu Yao’s malicious being, not one among all the timid favoured men dared say one word when given the marching orders and they had wasted no time in packing their things to quickly scramble out from the Heavenly Cloud Chambers in haste.

The sixth level was mainly empty where a wooden door blocked off a major part of the area. When Jun Wu Xie had come to the Heavenly Cloud Chambers for the first time to attend Qu Xin Rui’s birthday banquet, she had already noticed that door on the sixth floor. Through that wooden door, an indistinct faint scent of blood had been coming out from behind it and that stench was still present now.

Ye Sha and Ye Mei were standing at the door and when they saw Jun Wu Xie approaching they immediately fell on one knee to offer their greetings.

Jun Wu Xie raised a hand to ask them to get up and walked through the doorway on her own.

However, at the very moment that Jun Wu Xie stepped over the threshold, a thick bloody stench immediately hit her and what her eyes saw inside made her brows creased up together instantly.

Behind the door, the stone slabs beneath her feet were covered with a thick layer of congealed blood. The blood had filled every corner of the entire floor and as they had already congealed for a rather long period, the blood had already turned slightly black.

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