GDBBM – Chapter 1085

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Chapter 1085: “Severing All Ties (3)”

The main doors of the Heavenly Cloud Chambers were slowly opened. Shen Chi stood behind the doors and loomed at the flustered and anxious Qu Wen Hao.

Qu Wen Hao did not even give Shen Chi a single glance and just pushed past him, bracing himself to remain upright, as he strode towards the inside of the Heavenly Cloud Chambers.

Qu Xin Rui was lying down sideways upon the long lounge as the favoured men carefully served her.

Qu Wen Hao came rushing up and just as he just stepped onto the top floor, his weakened body made his legs give way and he fell onto the ground in a wretched heap. He struggled to his feet and laboured with every step, shifting himself slowly to come before Qu Xin Rui.

“The matter I asked you to do, has it been done?” Qu Xin Rui’s eyebrow arched up as she looked at Qu Wen Hao, her lips curling up into a cruel smile.

Qu Wen Hao’s eyes were malevolent as he glared at Qu Xin Rui, looking like he wanted to tear her to shreds, his heart filled with heaven damning hatred.

Qu Xin Rui looked straight into his hate filled eyes and she laughed lightly.

“There’s no need for you to glare so fiercely at me. I’m doing all this for the sake of the Thousand Beast City’s future. The might of the Fire Country is so much stronger than the Thousand Beast City and if we can ally ourselves with the Fire Country, to the Thousand Beast City, it would naturally bring us more benefits than drawbacks and this was what you as their Grand Chieftain must have longed for as well.”

“Where is Ling Yue! ?” Qu Wen Hao asked through gritted teeth as he glared at Qu Xin Rui.

Qu Xin Rui raised her hand and shooed the group of fawning favoured men back as she sat up slowly.

“I’ve said it before. If you want to see your daughter, then bring Jun Xie’s Spirit Beast here in exchange.”

Qu Wen Hao suddenly gripped the Spirit Taming Bone Flute that symbolised the pinnacle of authority and power in the Thousand Beast City and threw it at Qu Xin Rui’s feet!

Qu Xin Rui’s eyebrow lifted up as she looked at Qu Wen Hao.

“I’ve already used the Spirit Taming Bone Flute to control Jun Xie’s Spirit Beast. Where is Ling Yue! !” Qu Wen Hao roared, his body shaking from fear.

Qu Xin Rui gestured with her hand and one of the favoured men kneeling by her foot obediently picked up the Spirit Taming Bone Flute and wiped it clean on his sleeve before carefully presenting it to Qu Xin Rui.

“Oh? Then where is that Spirit Beast now?” Qu Xin Rui asked as she toyed with the Spirit Taming Bone Flute, her eyes narrowed up.

“Jun Xie came back in a rush midway and brought it away. I wasn’t a match for Jun Xie and could not stop him. But the Spirit Taming Bone Flute has already gained control of that Spirit Beast’s consciousness and once it awakens, it will listen to my commands and it will come back here on its own. Now, you must honour your end of the bargain and return Ling Yue back to me!” Qu Wen Hao shouted with his fists tightly clenched.

“Hahaha.” Qu Xin Rui laughed aloud in curious delight. She looked on with pity at the wretched looking Qu Wen Hao, laughing as she shook her head and said: “Why are you being so anxious? No matter what, the Qu Family’s blood flows within Ling Yue and how would I, as a member of the Qu’s bloodline treat her badly? You just rest assured. when she is here with me, I will naturally look after her properly. When that Spirit Beast comes back to look for you, I will then return Ling Yue back to you.”

Qu Wen Hao heart panicked and he did not care about anything else but just charged straight at Qu Xin Rui. Qu Xin Rui’s face creased up into a frown and with a palm strike, she sent Qu Wen Hao flying!

Qu Wen Hao crashed onto the floor and a mouthful of blood spewed out. His hair had fallen into a mess and his eyes were red and bloodshot as he glared angrily at Qu Xin Rui.

The pair of eyes were like those of a demon and Qu Xin Rui was feeling rather displeased with the staring as she asked with a frown: “What’s your hurry? Or are you worried that in a few months, you will have a few additional grandchildren?” As she spoke, Qu Xin Rui suddenly laughed loudly.

“Don’t worry. Those I sent over, are the most good looking men I have carefully picked. Even if she becomes with child, I believe it will be a beautiful baby.”


Translator’s note from Cloud: “…..” (one of those hated chapters, and I don’t mean fillers…)


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