GDBBM – Chapter 1084

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Chapter 1084: “Severing All Ties (2)”

[Blue spirit….. How is it possible…..]

The person who had released that blue spirit energy, was actually a thin youth who looked to be fourteen or fifteen. That was just too unbelievable!

Xiong Ba was even more surprised, his gaze in shock as he gaped at Jun Xie. He remembered when they were in the Fire Country’s Capital City, Jun Xie had only had powers of the green spirit. But in less than a month since then, the youth had become a blue spirit?

Such speed for spirit power level breakthroughs, was truly unprecedented from ancient times and won’t be replicated in the future, which smashed the perception of everything all the people in the crowd had ever known!

At this current time where the Purple Spirit was almost extinct, the indigo spirit was considered to be the most powerful existence, and just one step below the indigo, was the blue spirit…..

Casting their eyes to see throughout the world, had there ever been a blue spirit as young as this?

Qu Wen Hao clutched at his chest, as he stared at the back of Jun Xie’s determined back, his heart filling up with hopeless despair.

The other Clan Chief of the Thousand Beast City suddenly stood forward and against the back of Jun Xie, he shouted: “Jun Xie! With you being so powerful! Why are you unwilling to help the Young Miss! Don’t you and the Young Miss know each other? The Young Miss had been captured by Qu Xin Rui and whether she is dead or alive now is not even known. You have two Guardian Grade Spirit Beasts in your hands. Why can’t you sacrifice one to save a person’s life? If you are willing….. you will forever be the Thousand Beast City’s benefactor!”

Jun Wu Xie turned her head back slightly, and she looked coldly at the Clan Chief who spoke.

“Just because you are weak, it makes you right?”

The Clan Chief was immediately stumped.

As things stood, Jun Wu Xie and the Thousand Beast City were initially not linked to each other in any way and the reason she had come here was because of her agreement with Qu Ling Yue to cooperate. Besides that, Jun Wu Xie was not bound by anything to give up anything for the Thousand Beast City at all.

This was obviously a matter that concerned only the people of the Thousand Beast City themselves, but they were asking her to give up her things to resolve it…..

If this was made known to people outside, they would only be despised and laughed at by the world!

She couldn’t be bothered to waste her breath with those people anymore and Jun Wu Xie lifted her foot to walk out of the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall, and throughout her entire life, she would never set foot within this place ever again!

The figures of Jun Xie and Jun Wu Yao disappeared at the main doors of the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall. Qu Wen Hao struggled to stand up, refusing the help offered by the Clan Chief.

“Grand Chieftain…..” Xiong Ba looked at the haggard looking Qu Wen Hao. In regards to this matter, he had objected to it from the beginning but…..

“Grand Chieftain….. You have really done wrong…..” Qing Yu said as he gave an extremely heavy sigh. Although Jun Xie had not exploded in rage this time, but from the look in the youth’s eyes, Qing Yu had understood that their relationship as cooperating partners had broken up, the youth they had personally invited here to save the Thousand Beast City from its crisis had been pushed away from them with their own hands.

Qing Yu would never be able to forget, that cold, chilling gaze he had seen from Jun Xie.

Qu Wen Hao’s face was deathly white, not saying a single word. He stepped falteringly towards the outside of the doors, his hand gripping the Spirit Taming Bone Flute tightly.

Xiong Ba and the others only felt helplessness in their hearts. They did not know anymore, just who in the world would be able to save them from this muck, after they had broken this last sliver of hope they had, with their very own hands…..

Qu Wen Hao left the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall, and walked on his own to the Heavenly Cloud Chambers. That one kick from Jun Xie before he left, had struck him right in the breast, which hurt his internal organs with the impact. He was feeling an agonizing pain as if fire was baking his insides but he could give afford to give the slightest attention to it, but just plodded heavily along with every single step towards the Heavenly Cloud Chambers, as he dragged his heavy hand up, to pound on the tightly locked doors.


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