GDBBM – Chapter 1086

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Chapter 1086: “Severing All Ties (4)”

“Argh! ! ! !” Qu Wen Hao knelt on the floor, his hands clutching onto the fox skins in agony, his eyes brimming with tears, his wail deeply heart wrenching to people!

Desolate, rage, despair…..

Qu Xin Rui’s laughter, accompanied by Qu Wen Hao’s anguished wail, reverberated within the Heavenly Cloud Chambers.

The weaving of the tears and laughter, clash of despair and cruelty, made the made in the entire Heavenly Cloud Chambers, fill with a suffocating oppression.


Jun Wu Xie left the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall with Jun Wu Yao. They did not immediately leave the Thousand Beast City but had instead settled themselves in an inn within the Thousand Beast City.

Jun Wu Xie put the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit and Lord Meh Meh on the bed. It had been the first time the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit had experienced battle after its powers awoke and although its Guardian Grade Spirit Beast powers had allowed it to save Lord Meh Meh to remain with them, it had nevertheless drained out its strength. It lay on the bed, looking up at Jun Wu Xie with exhausted eyes, allowing Jun Wu Xie to treat its wounds, so obedient that it pained people even more to look at it.

“Are you going to just forget about the matter like this?” Jun Wu Yao asked, his arms crossed before his chest as he stood at the side, watching as Jun Wu Xie tended to the Sacrificial Blood Rabbbit’s wounds, the traces of blood falling from the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit’s flesh and fur onto the clean bedsheets, scattering red blooms of blood upon it.

The actions by Jun Wu Xie’s hands did not stop and not a ripple of emotion showed upon her face as she just used a strangely calm tone of voice to say: “Things I should take, I will not give up. Vengeance that is due, I will neither forget.”

The cooperation with Qu Wen Hao had been terminated but that did not mean that she would be giving up on the human skin map in the Thousand Beast City. Without help from the Thousand Beast City, she would just have to use other methods to get what she seeked to have.

“I had thought that you would have annihilated everyone back at the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall.” Jun Wu Yao said with an eyebrow raised. Jun Wu Xie’s personality was one that hid a trait where she exacted revenge for all grievances suffered and for anyone who showed her kindness, she would return with ten times in reciprocation, but if anyone thought to harm her in the slightest, she would definitely crush their bones and scatter the dust.

But this time, Jun Wu Xie had only just given Qu Wen Hao one kick, and did not take any other actions in revenge. From what Jun Wu Yao could see, that wasn’t any kind of revenge to him.

To Jun Wu Yao, even if she didn’t beat him into having his soul scattered, he should be at least be killed to end up without a place to bury him. (*This sentence contains chinese proverb translation)

As Jun Wu Xie sewed up the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit’s wounds, she said: “Qu Wen Hao is merely a pawn, and even if I want to settle the scores, I will not take it out on a mere pawn. Whoever is responsible for all this, will be the one to bear the consequences.”

The reason Qu Wen Hao would suddenly turn to become like this, was all due to Qu Xin Rui’s instructions. Although Qu Wen Hao wasn’t really seen to be an extraordinarily brilliant or wise Grand Chieftain, he was at least considered to be dutiful and fair. Seek vengeance upon the source and for debts at the head, a single Qu Wen Hao would not be adequate to appease Jun Wu Xie’s rage. The one who had harboured designs on Lord Meh Meh was Qu Xin Rui!

“Oh? Then what do you intend to do?” Jun Wu Yao asked as he looked at Jun Wu Xie. Although she was seemingly calm on the surface, but he had already detected her rage from the tone of voice she was speaking with.

What Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit had suffered today had completely infuriated Jun Wu Xie!

Jun Wu Xie gaze turned to the side and looked at the unconscious Lord Meh Meh on the bed. From the moment she returned till now, Lord Meh Meh had been in a state of unconsciousness throughout and when Jun Wu Xie saw the Spirit Taming Bone Flute in Qu Wen Hao’s hand, she already knew what they had done to Lord Meh Meh, immediately realizing clearly what Qu Xin Rui seeked with her hidden hand in it.

“When someone so eagerly seeks death, I will naturally grant it to her.” Jun Wu Xie said, her eyes narrowing up. Old debts and new scores, Qu Xin Rui, you wait and see!


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