GDBBM – Chapter 1081

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Chapter 1081: “Wails of Despair (3)”

Almost every single disciple of the Fiery Blaze Clan immediately felt a sense of guilt rise within their heart the moment they saw Jun Xie and they all subconsciously tried to hide their weapons they held in their hands behind their backs, unable to look Jun Xie straight in the eye.

Xiong Ba and Qing Yu raised their heads in astonishment as they turned to look at Jun Xie.

But with that one look, it made their hearts chill by half!

Although they knew Jun Xie had a cold personality, but the gaze he looked at them with had never held any animosity. Though that had never let them feel like they were very close, but it had not made them feel Jun Xie to be distant or callous.

But this time!

They could see the intense enmity in Jun Xie’s eyes, and the icy chill that made one turn cold.

That gaze, was one they had never seen in the eyes of Jun Xie before…..

At that moment, they knew. The cold personality that Jun Xie truly had, was never like anything he had shown to them before. In that one instant, a feeling of despair immediately crept into the hearts of the two of them. They were almost certain, from the moment Jun Xie stepped into the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall that day, all the harmonious relationship they had with Jun Xie before, had been completely and irrecoverable severed!

“Jun Xie….. You….. You should let me explain.” Xiong Ba’s voice was trembling as he opened his mouth to speak to Jun Xie.

But Jun Wu Xie turned to glare at him coldly instead, and her gaze then went past Xiong Ba, to look at Qu Wen Hao.

In the instant that Qu Wen Hao saw Jun Xie, his heart jumped, highly startled. According to his calculations, for Jun Xie to discover all that was happening, and to come back to the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall, it should have taken at least another hour or two, and he had not once thought that Jun Xie would manage to rush back here so quickly!

That pair of eyes that send chills into people, made the already thoroughly exhausted Qu Wen Hao feel even more drained. If not for Qing Yu holding him up beside him, he really wouldn’t be able to even stand.

Jun Wu Xie’s gaze fell onto the Spirit Taming Bone Flute in Qu Wen Hao’s face, and the icy glint in her eyes flashed at that moment.

“Come here.” Jun Wu Xie did not look at Qu Wen Hao or anyone else among them another time but just raised her head, to look at the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit who had been heavily surrounded and attacked,  and made to suffer endless panic and hurt.

The Sacrificial Blood Rabbit which had been highly murderous suddenly lost quite a bit of it malicious aura in its eyes immediately upon seeing Jun Wu Xie. It stared warily at the disciples of the Fiery Blaze Clan below before it hunched its feet and leapt, its blood red body suddenly drawing a blood red arc in the air, to land into Jun Wu Xie’s arms in a blink, and throughout the entire process, it had not released Lord Meh Meh from its mouth!

Jun Wu Xie caught both the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit and Lord Meh Meh firmly in her arms.

Jun Wu Yao at the side raised an eyebrow and snapped his fingers once. Ye Sha and Ye Mei immediately appeared behind the two of them in an instant.

“Leave them to Ye Sha and Ye Mei first.” Jun Wu Yao said, looking at Jun Wu Xie. From deep within that pair of clear and cold eyes, he had been able to detect the rage and murder that she was trying very hard to hold down at that moment.

Jun Wu Xie did not move, as she had felt several wounds on the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit that had split open. The wounds that the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit had sustained before it awoken had not yet fully healed. Although it had awakened, but it’s Guardian Grade Spirit Beast state had yet to completely stabilise and it could not be considered to be a fully matured and true Sacrificial Blood Rabbit. Hence, the speed of its healing was relatively slower. It had in order to protect Lord Meh Meh, split up several of the wounds that had not fully healed, and the blood that covered all over its fur, was not all just from the enemy, but some of it had been its own mixed together within!

“Puu.” The Sacrificial Blood Rabbit put Lord Meh Meh it held in its mouth within Jun Wu Xie’s arms and it raised its tiny head to look anxiously at Jun Wu Xie.


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