GDBBM – Chapter 1080

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Chapter 1080: “Wails of Despair (2)”

The servant was so terrified that he fell, his knees hitting the ground with a loud thud as he pleaded in a panick: “Young Master Jun, wait a…..”

In an instant, a curtain of blood blossomed right before Jun Wu Xie’s eyes, as the several servants blocking her way in front of her suddenly had all their heads sliced off in the blink of an eye!

The garish blood sprayed into the air, and at the moment they were just about to fall, Jun Wu Xie was suddenly in Jun Wu Yao’s embrace, and with a light tap of his feet, they sailed up into the air!

“Whatever Little Xie wants to do, just go do it. There’s no need to waste your breath on those people.” Jun Wu Yao said, looking smilingly at Jun Wu Xie. Whoever dares stand before her and gets in her way, he wouldn’t mind sending them all to hell.

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes narrowed up and she said: “Back to the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall!”

“Alright.” Jun Wu Yao replied, his voice highly indulgent.

When Jun Wu Yao arrived back at the main doors of the Fiery Blaze Spirit Hall with Jun Wu Xie in his arms, before Jun Wu Xie had even stepped into the clan hall, she could already smell the faint stench of blood.

There wasn’t a single guard outside the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall. The two Fiery Blaze Clan disciples who usually stood guard at the doors were nowhere in sight and the doors into the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall were wide open, but not a single shadow of a person could be seen within.

Jun Wu Xie lifted her foot and stepped inside, and the blood stench grew more and more pungent!

Her steps quickened subconsciously as she followed the stench of blood to come to the eastern little courtyard!

A series of terrified screams suddenly reached Jun Wu Xie’s ears. She had just stepped into the eastern little courtyard when she was met with a scene filled with blood and chaos, that encompassed her entire vision!

She saw a whole group of men, having fully surrounded the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit who was completely bathed in blood, holding Lord Meh Meh in its mouth while standing atop a high ledge at the edge of the room. Its paws were fully covered in sticky blood stains, and its originally blood red fur, having gotten soaked in blood, to now appear a brilliant bright red!

The disciples of the Fiery Blaze Clan were all standing outside Jun Wu Xie’s room door, swords gripped in their hands, pointed at the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit at the top of the room. Many among them have been gravely injured and their blood flowed all over, the entire little yard shrouded with the heavy nauseating stench of blood.

And among that group of people, Qu Wen Hao stood with his face deathly pale, an arm broken by the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit as it hung limply by his side. Xiong Ba and Qing Yu were standing nervously beside him, their heads raised up to look at the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit.

The Sacrificial Blood Rabbit was surrounded by a mass of people from the Fiery Blaze Clan, its mouth still holding the completely unconscious Lord Meh Meh. Faced with the countless number of swords and blades before it, it did not exhibit the slightest fear, its incisive murderous aura, truly reflective of its resplendent fame as a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast!

When the portrait of that scene burned into Jun Wu Xie’s eyes, an unexplainable fire immediately lit up in her heart!

“What are all of you doing.” She asked, her eyes scanning over them in a dangerous slit, looking at the bunch of disciples of the Fiery Blaze Clan pointing their swords and knives at the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit and Lord Meh Meh.

Jun Wu Xie’s voice was just like sudden thunder, which crushed out all the shouts of alarm and wails of pain in the chaotic courtyard, as everyone instantly shut their mouths, their heads turning in pure and utter shock, to look at Jun Xie and Jun Wu Yao standing at the entrance into the little courtyard.

In regards to Jun Xie, he was no stranger to the disciples of the Fiery Blaze Clan and since Jun Xie had first arrived at the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall, they had all been warned by Xiong Ba to treat this esteemed guest cordially. Added to the fact that Jun Xie had never once given them any trouble and had never asked for anything from them, even though they had not interacted much with Jun Xie all this while, the disciples of the Fiery Blaze Clan were rather fond of this undemanding and unpretentious guest.

But now…..

They had let Jun Xie see, this scene where they had all surrounded the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit to kill it…..


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