GDBBM – Chapter 1082

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Chapter 1082: “Wails of Despair (4)”

Jun Wu Xie’s clear gaze slowly fell upon the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit. Looking into that pair of blood red eyes, she saw great fear and helplessness as the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit continuously used the tip of its nose to nudge Lord Meh Meh deeper into Jun Wu Xie’s embrace.

Lord Meh Meh however looked as if it had fallen into a dead faint and did not give the slightest reaction.

Jun Wu Xie did not speak a single word, but the air surrounding her turned to feel extremely strange, which made people not dare to take a single step forward in approach.

Xiong Ba stared at Jun Xie who suddenly felt strangely unfamiliar to him and he subconsciously gulped.

“Jun Xie….. Let me explain….. This matter….. isn’t like what you are thinking.” When Xiong Ba spoke, he felt his hands began to tremble.

Jun Xie at that moment, made him feel great fear.

“Speak.” Jun Wu Xie slowly raised her head, her eyes now replaced with a composed calm, but for some unknown reason, Xiong Ba and all the other people there were feeling more flustered by that.

Jun Xie was obviously looking cold and calm, just like the youth had all this time, but he was however making all of them feel a chill creep right into their bones.

Xiong Ba was struggling to find the words as he opened his mouth, but he did not know what to say at all.

In this matter, no matter how you said it, they were in the wrong…..

Although they had a reason that gave them no choice but to do this, but….. what did all of that have to do with Jun Xie? Jun Xie had initially come to the Thousand Beast City to help them all but what had they done instead? In order to save one of their own people, they chose to sacrifice Jun Xie’s Spirit Beast? Even to the extent that, they even reneged on their earlier agreement, betraying that trust and abandoning righteousness…..

The words were at the tip of his tongue, but Xiong Ba found them all stuck around his neck, and he could not make himself say them.

All those words, he could not speak, and did not dare to say…..

At the end of it all, they were the ones who let down Jun Xie.

Jun Wu Xie stared coldly at Xiong Ba, and Jun Wu Yao at her side did not take his eyes off the side of Jun Wu Xie’s face at all, seemingly looking like if Jun Wu Xie were to so much as just lift an eyebrow, he would immediately wash the entire Fiery Blaze Clan Hall with blood!

Xiong Ba could not say anything, and Qing Yu was too ashamed to even open his mouth. To the two of them, what they did here was just too despicable for words!

Qu Wen Hao looked at Jun Wu Xie and suddenly walked out from among the crowd of people. Before the eyes of everyone, he fell with a loud thud to his knees before Jun Xie, completely disregarding the excruciating pain in his arm, as he looked pleadingly at Jun Xie.

“Young Master Jun! I know you are someone no ordinary person can compare with. Today’s incident, all started from me. I know that I do not deserve to even ask for your forgiveness, but I have no other choice but to still beg you. Can you hand that Spirit Beast of yous to me! Qu Xin Rui….. Qu Xin Rui captured Ling Yue. She threatened me….. to use the Spirit Taming Bone Flute to steal your Spirit Beast from you, and if I do not do as she says, she will kill Ling Yue! Young Master Jun! I am aware that a person as despicable as me, as a person who betrayed your trust and went back on his word is not even qualified to discuss terms with you. But I only have Ling Yue as my only daughter, and she is innocent. I beg you. Hand your Spirit Beast to me and let me save my daughter! As long as Ling Yue is able to return safely, this life of mine will be yours to take or severe as you wish!”

The Grand Chieftain of the Thousand Beast City knelt right before Jun Xie, wailing and pleading.

[He had betrayed Jun Xie’s trust and abandoned righteousness. And he had also repaid kindness with deceit not because he was vicious and malevolent, but because the only thing his entire world revolved around under the heavens, his daughter, was being held in the hands of others, and he had had no other choice but to submit to them, forced to commit a deed so dirty that even he found himself to be nauseating!] [He had only his daughter left. He can give up on everything else. As long as it can bring his daughter back safely, there was nothing he wouldn’t be unwilling to do!]

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