GDBBM – Chapter 1079

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Chapter 1079: “Wails of Despair (1)”

At that moment, everyone there were stunned into unmoving statues!

None of them would ever have thought that the unremarkable looking big eared rabbit would actually with two shakes of a rabbit’s tail, suddenly transform into the Spirit Beast that drove fear into people’s hearts, the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit!

In Jun Xie’s possession, were actually two Guardian Grade Spirit Beasts! How could that even be possible ! ! !

The appearance of the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit had torn everyone’s consciousness to shreds.

Just how rare and precious was a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast was to them and throughout the entire lives of most people, one might not even be able to meet one, but Jun Xie actually had two of them here!

It was impossible!

The Sacrificial Blood Rabbit’s aura had already encompassed the entire room and its gaze no longer showed ignorance or panic, but were filled with malicious murder and enmity!

It was a Spirit Beast whose powers awoke from fresh blood itself and its innate sense for bloodthirsty slaughter could never be erased. The deep red blood eyes stared at Qu Wen Hao which sent a spine tingling chill to rise up through Qu Wen Hao from the soles of his feet when he found his entire being caught within an intense murderous aura!


Within the Grand Chieftain’s Residence, Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao was led by the servants within the residence to come to the main hall, seated within their chairs. The servant had merely told them that the Grand Chieftain still had some business to attend to and asked Jun Xie and Jun Wu Yao to wait in the main hall for awhile before he departed.

Jun Wu Xie sat within the chair, as a tiny sliver of suspicion rose in her heart. Qu Wen Hao’s invitation to her had been deemed to have arrived rather suddenly and now that she was here, he had given the excuse that he was still busy to avoid seeing them, and that was a point that gave the suspicion in Jun Wu Xie’s heart more clarity.

“Go check and see if Qu Wen Hao is within the residence.” Jun Wu Xie mumbled in a soft voice, and within the main hall, hidden in the shadowy corners, Ye Sha and Ye Mei immediately disappeared without a trace.

Jun Wu Yao rested his chin in one hand and looked at Jun Wu Xie’s face from the side.

“What are you suspecting?”

Jun Wu Xie replied: “There’s a problem with Qu Wen Hao.”

Jun Wu Yao raised an eyebrow.

“Even if he wanted to see me, he wouldn’t have sent people to come to the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall to invite me over so blatantly and when I come here, he is suddenly trying to avoid seeing me. Doesn’t that just seem to be highly suspicious?” Jun Wu Xie replied indifferently, her gaze looking at the several servants outside the main hall.

The expressions on those people were rather strange, as if they were trying very hard to maintain a facade of calm, but in their eyes, it was obvious to see that they were hiding an intense unease.

“Something must have happened here.” Jun Wu Xie concluded, her eyes narrowing as she spoke. She had noticed earlier, that the servant who led them in had seemed to be rather tensed up and his gaze had been rather shifty, unable to look at her in the eyes.

“What could it be? Would Little Xie like to take a guess?” Jun Wu Yao asked with a smile. In regards to the reactions of those people, he had not noticed them in the least, as they were all not worth him giving his attention to.

“I am still not sure at the moment. I need to wait for the news from Ye Sha and Ye Mei.” Jun Wu Xie answered.

Very soon, Ye Sha and Ye Mei rushed back silently. They remained hidden within the shadows and said in a low voice: “Reporting to Young Miss, I have searched through the Grand Chieftain’s Residence with Ye Mei and have found no sign of Qu Wen Hao. Even Qu Ling Yue does not seem to be within the residence.”

Jun Wu Xie’s brows creased up together and she suddenly shot to her feet, immediately walking straight out of the Grand Chieftain’s Residence! Jun Wu Yao’s brow arched up and got up to follow behind her.

The servants standing guard outside had upon seeing that Jun Xie was going to leave, immediately blocked Jun Xie’s way forward in a flustered panic.

“Young Master Jun….. The Grand Chieftain will be coming very soon, and I beg for Young Master Jun to wait for a moment more and the Grand Chieftain will be coming right away.” A servant said hurriedly, his head lowered respectfully.

Jun Wu Xie stared chillingly at that man and said: “Scram.”

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