GDBBM – Chapter 107

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Chapter 107: “A Storm is Brewing (3)”

Shrouded by the darkness, the hidden Lin Palace guards from the Rui Lin Army noticed the abnormal movements as they stepped out from the shadows, to welcome the uninvited guests.

“If you are here to seek an audience with His Highness, please come again in the morning. Lin Palace does not receive guests after dark. The white haired Uncle Fu stood, hands behind his back, eyes steeled, facing the oncoming rush of shadowy assassins. Standing behind him, fifteen resolute and stalwart figures blocked the only way to the backyard.

“We are not here to visit, we are under orders to send everyone in Lin Palace on their way to hell!” The dark cloaked figure exclaimed, laughing maniacally.

Uncle Fu’s eyes flashed, dropping the kindly smile, as his sharply honed killer instinct took over.

“Then I won’t be polite! Intruders to Lin Palace will only face ….. Death!”

In a flash, Uncle Fu and the fifteen Rui Lin Army soldiers rushed into the midst of the horde of shadows. The light coloured clothed guards of Lin Palace shone brilliantly in contrast to the onslaught of shadows.

The deathly still of the night was broken, smelling acridly of death and blood.

Two groups of shadowy figures slipped into Lin Palace from the back as the battle in the front yard raged. They quickly killed the guards in the back of the Palace. With blades still dripping with fresh blood, they walked to the backyard.

The sweet smell of herbs lingered in the backyard, all was silent and still. The lotus pond rippled, as a soft breeze blew, bringing a chill.

One group of shadows stepped out, shattering the beauty of the night. Holding in their hands, blades that dripped blood, fresh from their slaughter, leaving a smattering of red on the ground.

“Tsk tsk…It is not advisable to disturb the rest of Wu Xie.” A charming voice rang out suddenly, breaking the quietness in the yard. The shadowy figures startled, as they swung around to confront the voice.

A tall, slender figure, stepped slowly out of the shadows and into the illuminating moonlight. The handsome figure with his boyish grin belied those eyes, that exuded terrifying menace.

Jun Wu Yao glanced at the wary group casually, as he moved his gaze to the blades that were dripping blood onto the ground and his eyes glowed a dark violet.

“Dirtying Jun Wu Xie’s yard is a crime, a crime you shall pay….. With your lives.” Jun Wu Yao’s smile slowly spread, however it was one that brought about a chilling tingle in the spine.

Under the moonlight, the shadowy group could see the lone figure clearly. The gaze from those violet eyes, like a sharp sword, seem to have pierced their hearts.

“De….. demon……”

“That’s just rude!” Jun Wu Yao shook his head, “How can I be a mere demon?”

The violet hue in his eyes flashed, and his body became a blur of movements.

In a blink, quiet returned to the yard….. scarlet rain descended as the warm red colour fell onto the ground.

Jun Wu Xie opened her door at that moment, still dazed from sleep.

In that strangely enchanting scarlet rain, an elegant figure stood unmoving, his face tilted up, the stunning handsome face smattered scarlet from the rain.

He was laughing as his half amused violet eyes looked at her sideways, and the corners of the mouth curled up.

Those eyes showed merciless annihilation, his laughter maniacal. It makes one’s skin crawl, a sight that Jun Wu Xie would never forget.

It was extremely beautiful, strangely alluring, but chilling to see at the same time.

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