GDBBM – Chapter 1078

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Chapter 1078: “Spirit Taming Bone Flute (3)”

Xiong Ba was fighting with all his might to break free from his captors but it was no use.

Lord Meh Meh’s response was getting weaker and weaker and the stones at Qu Wen Hao’s feet was covered with a layer of sweat. His clothes were soaked with his perspiration and it was continuing to drip onto the floor.

Finally, Lord Meh Meh fell into a faint on the bed, not moving an inch. Qu Wen Hao had at the same time ceased with the flute and when he put down the hand that held the Spirit Taming Bone Flute, his body fell back weakly a step, and fortunately for the Clan Chief at the side who rushed to prop him up.

Qu Wen Hao pushed the man away from him and stood panting as he stared towards the bed.

“Bring it with us.” Qu Wen Hao said.

One of the Clan Chiefs immediately walked to the bedside, thinking to carry the comatose Lord Meh Meh from the bed.

Xiong Ba fell back onto the floor, as he stared at Qu Wen Hao in despair.

He could not believe that the Grand Chieftain he had always respected the most, would use the Spirit Taming Bone Flute to take Jun Xie’s Spirit Beast away from the youth…..

Qing Yu had even shut his eyes from the deep pain he was feeling in his heart, unwilling to watch anymore of it.

Qu Wen Hao did not dare to look away, and did not dare look in the direction of Xiong Ba. He could just vividly imagine, the kind of disappointment showing in Xiong Ba’s eyes. He drew in a deep breath and forced himself to steel his heart.

The Clan Chief who had come to the side of the bed carried up Lord Meh Meh who was lying upon the bed and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit who had laid beside Lord Meh Meh stared anxiously with its naively ignorant pair of eyes as the man picked Lord Meh Meh up, hopping a couple of times, wanting to follow them.

The Clan Chief was seemingly at a loss for a moment as he looked at the “big eared rabbit” with several scars across its body before he turned hesitantly to look at Qu Wen Hao.

“Grand Chieftain, this big eared rabbit…..”

“No need to bring that.” Qu Wen Hao said coldly.

The Clan Chief had no choice but to brush the big eared rabbit away.

Being pushed away on the bed, the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit quickly leapt right back up and hopped several times, wanting to continue to hop to Lord Meh Meh’s side.

The Clan Chief was getting rather impatient and it raised a foot to kick the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit away!

The tiny Sacrificial Blood Rabbit fell heavily onto the ground, and it gave out a low groan.

The Clan Chief carried Lord Meh Meh in his arms and immediately turned to leave, with Qu Wen Hao drawing in another deep breath before turning to leave as well.

But at the moment Qu Wen Hao had just stepped out through the room’s door, from behind him, a powerful wave of Spirit Beastial energy aura suddenly surged!

A sudden scream sounded out from behind him and he turned around in puzzlement, where he immediately saw the Clan Chief who had been carrying Lord Meh Meh had fallen to the ground!

A blood red rabbit was bent over his neck, its mouth still biting on a chunk of well bloodied neck bone!

The pair of blood red eyes were staring directly at Qu Wen Hao and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit which was now bathed in blood stepped on the thick sticky pool of freshly flowed blood, as it spat out the neck bone it had just torn out from the man’s throat. It then picked the comatose Lord Meh Meh off the dead corpse as its sharp gaze remained fixed upon Qu Wen Hao!

Qu Wen Hao stared at the blood red rabbit in astoundment and three words suddenly rose clearly within his mind, Sacrificial Blood Rabbit!

As the Grand Chieftain of the Thousand Beast City, how could Qu Wen Hao not know about this Guardian Grade Spirit that only existed in their legends!

He had previously heard from Qing Yu that Jun Xie had saved a severely injured big eared rabbit from the Spirit Beast Arena but he had not paid much attention to it, and he had not given the big eared rabbit much thought when he saw it in the room earlier.

But, what was right before his eyes at that moment was not the entirely helpless big eared rabbit!

But a Spirit Beast with the power of the Guardian Grade….. Sacrificial Blood Rabbit!


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