GDBBM – Chapter 1075

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Chapter 1075: “Lure the Tiger Away from the Mountain (3)”

Inside the room, Lord Meh Meh was lying prone upon the bed. It stuck out its little hoof to nudge at the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit continuously, attempting to dislodge the scheming rabbit who had invaded the space upon the bed. The Sacrificial Blood Rabbit dug its front paws stubbornly into the blanket, seemingly as if it would rather die than submit to the tyranny.

Before Jun Wu Xie had left, she had knocked it into the heads of the two dumb beasts, warning them if they were to stir up any trouble, when she came back, they could forget about getting anything to eat!

Under the allure of food, the two dumb beasts were a lot more settled down and they did not dare to create any big damage on the surface, but these little instances of friction between the two of them happened continuously.

Lord Meh Meh’s little hoof had already left a series of tiny hoof marks on the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit’s big ears, and it continued on happily almost like it was going to purr with delight.

The Sacrificial Blood Rabbit was still young and only when its fur changed colour would it be possible for it to battle Lord Meh Meh. But now…..

The scheming rabbit could only allow itself to have its whole face covered in hoof marks!

While the dumb sheep happily tried to nudge the scheming rabbit off the bed, it shifted its body to try to occupy more space for itself, driving the scheming rabbit so mad it really felt like leaping over and driving its pair of rabbit teeth into that insanely annoying hoof.

Just as the two dumb beasts were nudging and pushing at each other, the tightly shut door was suddenly pushed open by someone!

Lord Meh Meh and the scheming rabbit immediately ceased with their battle and as they had immediately assumed the person who pushed the door and came in was Jun Wu Xie, they quickly scooted onto separate sides, wiggling their tails as they put forth their most innocent faces.


The person who appeared through the door was not Jun Wu Xie, but a tall middle aged man they have never seen before.

“Puu?” The scheming rabbit tilted its head and looked at Qu Wen Hao standing in front of the door. The dumb sheep took the opportunity to kick the scheming rabbit off the bed with one swing of its hoof!

It saw the furry little rabbit tumble off the bed entirely and fall onto the floor with a splat!

Lord Meh Meh wiggled its tail delightedly and turned itself in circles with all four of its hooves, bundling up the blanket together in a coil, before finding the softest spot within it and snuggling into it!

[Lord Meh Meh is the cleverest one! Humph!]

Qu Wen Hao’s face was dark as he stared at the two Spirit Beasts in the room. His gaze passed right over the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit fallen onto the floor and was hopping mad in indignation to fix onto the highly pleased looking Lord Meh Meh.

A trace of an inner struggle appeared in his eyes as his hands reached behind his back stiffly. His hands could feel the cold smooth surface of the Spirit Taming Bone Flute, that slight icy chill, quickly driving out all the warmth from those hands.

“Grand Chieftain!” Xiong Ba rushed in puffing and wheezing as his horrified gaze stared at Qu Wen Hao’s hands upon the Spirit Taming Bone Flute.

Qu Wen Hao’s body froze suddenly but he did not turn back, and just ordered in a deep voice: “Get out!”

Qu Wen Hao acting like this, was a sight that Xiong Ba had never seen before, gloomy and repressed. Even when the Thousand Beast City had been going through its most difficult times, Qu Wen Hao had never exhibited such gloominess. Faced with such a strange Qu Wen Hao, Xiong Ba was suddenly feeling highly nervous.

“Grand Chieftain, that is Jun Xie’s Spirit Beast….. What….. are you really going to do?” Xiong Ba was feeling torn as he stared at Qu Wen Hao. He believed in the Grand Chieftain and was willing to devote his whole life to the Thousand Beast City because Qu Wen Hao was worth his unwavering loyalty. But with what Qing Yu had earlier hinted, and he began to realise what Qu Wen Hao might possibly do here, he found himself refusing to believe it as fact.

Although Qu Wen Hao did not have much direct contact with Jun Xie, but the cooperation between the two people was already in progress, and every action that Jun Xie carried out within the Thousand Beast City had been tacitly accepted by Qu Wen Hao.

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