GDBBM – Chapter 1074

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Chapter 1074: “Lure the Tiger Away from the Mountain (2)”

While still struggling in his mind, Xiong Ba had upon getting a clear view of the person who just came in, immediately stared with his eyes so wide, they almost popped out of his head. He then said in utter disbelief: “Grand Chieftain? Why….. Why are you here…..”

Coming towards the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall, was not anyone else, but the one who should be at the Grand Chieftain’s Residence waiting for Jun Xie, the Grand Chieftain of the Thousand Beast City, Qu Wen Hao!

Qu Wen Hao’s complexion was rather pale and his demeanour seems rather different from usual. He came walking with his face dark and gloomy to stand right before Xiong Ba.

Xiong Ba immediately exclaimed: “Didn’t you invite Jun Xie….. Argh! It’s Qu Xin Rui! That Qu Xin Rui sent fake news! Quick! Send someone quickly to bring them back!”

If Qu Wen Hao was here, then the news they received earlier must have been fake and Xiong Ba had immediately thought that all of this could very possibly be a ploy by Qu Xin Rui.

Qing Yu was just about to go chase them back but Qu Wen Hao suddenly raised up a hand to block Qing Yu’s way forward.

“Grand Chieftain?” Qing Yu asked, looking in great puzzlement at Qu Wen Hao.

Qu Wen Hao’s eyes were dark ringed and his demeanor felt strange.

“No need to go.” He said softly.

“Wh….. Why?”

Qu Wen Hao lifted his eyes and looked at Xiong Ba’s and Qing Yu’s puzzled faces. “I was the one who sent people here to invite Young Master Jun to go to the Grand Chieftain’s Residence.”

Qing Yu and Xiong Ba were immediately stunned.

Qu Wen Hao had really invited Jun Xie to go to the Grand Chieftain’s Residence, but….. why had Jun Xie just barely left the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall and Qu Wen Hao had appeared here? Shouldn’t he be waiting at the Grand Chieftain’s Residence for Jun Xie to arrive?

The two men were suddenly feeling highly confused.

“Where is Jun Xie’s room?” Qu Wen Hao asked suddenly.

Xiong Ba was further shocked as he replied: “The eastern little yard.”

“Did he bring along her Spirit Beast when he left?” Qu Wen Hao asked again.

Xiong Ba scratched his head and said: “Only the little black cat. For the other two Spirit Beasts, I don’t often see her bring them out.” [This is strange, why does it feel like something is wrong with the Grand Chieftain today?]

Qu Wen Hao did not say another word but just walked off on his own towards the inside of the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall.

Xiong Ba stared at the back of Qu Wen Hao and he was still feeling rather confused.

“What is the Grand Chieftain trying to do? Why am I getting more confused as I watch him?”

Qing Yu was still evaluating the situation and when his eyes fell upon the back of Qu Wen Hao, the blood completely drained out of his face in an instant!

An ominous premonition rose up in Qing Yu’s heart as he asked with his lips trembling: “Didn’t the Grand Chieftain ask just now whether Young Master Jun brought his Spirit Beasts out?”

“That’s right.” Xiong Ba replied nonchalantly, but suddenly noticed that Qing Yu’s face had taken on a deathly pallor. “What happened to you?”

Qing Yu raised a trembling finger and pointed it at Qu Wen Hao’s back as he said in a hoarse voice: “Do you see what that is…..”

Xiong Ba looked at where Qing Yu was pointing at and he suddenly spotted a silvery white flute that was stuck at Qu Wen Hao’s hip. Throughout the entire Thousand Beast City, nobody would fail to recognise that flute!

It was just an instant, but Xiong Ba’s face turned just as pale!

In the Thousand Beast City, no one would not know what that flute really was. That was the flute that determined the might of the Thousand Beast City, and that was what brought unparalleled glory to the Thousand Beast City!

“The Spirit Taming Bone Flute….. Why would the Grand Chieftain bring the Spirit Taming Bone Flute out…..” Xiong Ba was still highly flustered, dogged by the feeling that something bad was about to happen.

The temperature quickly left Qing Yu body which caused him to shiver slightly.

“Leading Young Master Jun away, and bringing the Spirit Taming Bone Flute to go towards Young Master Jun room….. The Grand Chieftain is thinking to gain control over Young Master Jun’s Guardian Grade Spirit Beast!”


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