GDBBM – Chapter 106

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Chapter 106: “A Storm is Brewing (2)”

“What did you say?!” Jun Xian stared, unable to believe what he just heard.

“Official Lin knows, His Majesty has been investigating his foul deeds, I do not know how he came to know about it. He suddenly killed everyone in his household, and I wanted to apprehend him just now. Little did I know, his skills far surpassed mine. He defeated tens of my guards, and escaped. I am not his match, hence, I came here to request for assistance from Your Highness! I implore Your Highness to lend a hand! If he escapes, His Majesty will not be lenient with me.” Li Ran pleaded, kneeling before Jun Xian.

Hidden within Jun Xian’s sleeves, were fists tightly clenched. Using all his might, he masked the shock that reverberated through him.

It was impossible that Lin Yue Yang, such an upright man, would kill his whole household over trumped up charges!

“Where is he now?” Jun Xian asked coldly.

“I had him followed. He has left the Imperial City, heading south east.” Li Ran replied hastily.

“I will set off now.” Jun Xian refused to believe Lin Yue Yang was capable of such atrocities, but with Li Ran bearing eye witness to Lin Yue Yang killing his wife, they will kill Lin Yue Yang right there and then if they get to him first.

The Jun Family was indebted to Lin Yue Yang, a point Jun Xian would never forget. He will handle this matter personally, bring Lin Yue Yang back to reveal the truth, in order to keep him alive.

The majority of the Lin Palace guards were out with Long Qi escorting the pills. Jun Xian gathered the remaining guards, though few in numbers, every single one of them a top fighter.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Jun Xian was on the chase.

A hidden shadow, watched Jun Xian leave the City Gates. He grinned wickedly, shrouded in the darkness.

“Your Highness, as astute as you are, you will not allow your benefactor to die an ignoble death.” The shadow in the darkness, let out a series of low laughter and turned, hands kept behind his back. Within the dark alley, pairs of cold and evil eyes looked at him intently, numbering in the hundreds.  

“Is it certain, that most of the Lin Palace’s guards are out of the city?” The hidden shadow asked cagily.

“I am certain! I saw a large number of guards escorting several horse carriages out earlier.”

“Would you know, where they have gone?”

“I do not know, guards from the Lin Palace belongs to the Rui Lin Army, the terrain is too open after the City Gates and I dare not follow, fearing discovery. But I have also verified, most of the remaining guards in the Lin Palace have followed Lin Wang in pursuit of Lin Yue Yang. There will be no more than fifteen guards remaining in the whole of Lin Palace.”

“Fifteen soldiers from the Rui Lin Army?” The dark shadow chuckled.

“I would like to see, if my suicide squad of three hundred, can annihilate the Lin Palace tonight! Convey my orders! Infiltrate the Lin Palace, turn it inside out, I do not want anyone in the household alive by sunrise! Especially Jun Wu Xie and that useless trash, Jun Qing, I want to see their heads!”

“It shall be done!”

In a flash, all the dark cloaked shadows in the alley disappeared.

The shadow who issued the order, ascended the tall tower in the Imperial City and peered in the direction of the Lin Palace.

After tonight, Lin Palace shall cease to exist! And the Jun Family shall be no more!

The bright moon slid behind dark clouds, obliterating the last vestiges of moonlight.

In the deathly still of the night, dark shadows infiltrated the Lin Palace.

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  1. fan63 says:

    Who is this hidden shadow? someone from theMiss Bai’ clan or from the 2nd prince/emperor. Trouble Trouble Trouble Worst thing that Uncle and grandpa will be exposed.

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