GDBBM – Chapter 1063

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Chapter 1063: “Exploit Its Worth (1)”

“But, I have tried with other spirit stones, but there hasn’t been any similar reactions.” Jun Wu Xie was rather confused with all of this and if it was said that she could really devour spirits through their spirit stones, why did it not work with other spirit stones?

Jun Wu Yao laughed and said: “Although spirit stones contain spirit powers, they are not considered to be true spirit bodies and you will not be able to directly devour spirit stones. Only the seed from the Spirit Tree is able to extract the spirit powers from a spirit stone to be devoured by you. But as the Spirit Tree’s seed is now still too young, its abilities is still extremely limited. If not for the intensity of the Soaring Serpent’s emotions that incited the seed’s innate abilities, the seed usually wouldn’t use its powers upon any spirit stones. Moreover, other Spirit Beasts do not possess such unique powers and the Spirit Tree will only resonate with unique spirits.”

If Jun Wu Xie wanted to devour the spirits of Spirit Beasts through spirit stones, she would first need the Spirit Tree’s seed to transform it but the Spirit Tree’s seed only reacts to spirit stones from certain kinds of Spirit Beasts.

Jun Wu Xie thought about it for a moment, and was able to gain a rudimentary understanding of the meaning behind it.

“The second ring spirit. What would it be?” Jun Wu Xie looked down and stared at her fingers. Even though she was unable to see her spirit ring’s actual form, but she was well aware that it was there on her finger.

“Spirits have their own consciousness and all ring spirits that exists have always been the ones who picks their owners. With Little Xie being so outstanding, your second ring spirit would not be all that bad.” Jun Wu Yao said reassuringly, rubbing Jun Wu Xie on the head.

Jun Wu Xie raised her head and looked at Jun Wu Yao.

“What is your ring spirit like?”

She had never seen Jun Wu Yao use any ring spirits and it might be because he was too powerful himself where he had been able to deal with everything he had faced himself without even needing his ring spirit to act at all.

The smile on Jun Wu Yao’s lips grew slightly lighter as he looked at Jun Wu Xie with his eyes fixed upon her, looking like he was thinking about something.

“I do not possess any ring spirits.” He said slowly.

Jun Wu Xie was slightly shocked. There were some people who existed in this world, whose ring spirits did not even awaken, but….. people without ring spirits, would experience extremely slow growth in their spirit powers, and for them to become someone as powerful as Jun Wu Yao, was virtually impossible.

But Jun Wu Yao had just said that he did not have any ring spirit…..

The gaze that was looking at Jun Wu Xie turning questioning as Jun Wu Yao asked with a smile: “After knowing I do not possess a ring spirit, will Little Xie start to despise me?”

Jun Wu Xie immediately shook her head.

“Even without any ring spirits, Little Xie has to believe that I will still be able to give you protection.” Jun Wu Yao’s eyes were smiling and his words were filled with complete confidence!

Jun Wu Xie lowered her head and did not reply. Seeing Jun Wu Xie looking like that, a indiscernible feeling came over Jun Wu Yao and he gently reached out his hand to envelope Jun Wu Xie into his embrace.

“The Soaring Serpent seeking to escape, is not really all that unreasonable, as for every single day that it remains within your body, you will continue to devour its power. Even if the Spirit Tree’s seed continues to treat it, it will still be unable to free itself from the draining of its power. As long as you make it remain obediently within your body, it will provide you with immeasurable help. Even till the point….. that for all your future spirit level breakthroughs, you will not need to devour any other ring spirits, and just absorb powers solely from it, which would be already sufficient.” An evil flame was blazing within Jun Wu Yao’s eyes. To think that a mere beast was even thinking of deceiving his little one? She should then do all she could to exploit and squeeze out every single drop of all of it’s worth.

“Can I?” Jun Wu Xie looked up. If that was truly the case, it would really be much more convenient.

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