GDBBM – Chapter 1064

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Chapter 1064: “Exploit Its Worth (2)”

“Sure you can. You will just need your spirit power to reach its peak and you can employ the same method you used previously to tame it by doing it again.” Jun Wu Yao said with a gentle smile, but his words were dripping with venom.

The Soaring Serpent would never have dreamed that by having revealed itself in a moment of anxiety, it would suddenly find itself to have earned the wrath of a certain demonic lord so shortly after.

“I can do the breakthrough right now.” Jun Wu Xie said in all seriousness. She had remained at the peak of the green spirit for a rather long period and she had not advanced to the next level all this time because she had not found a suitable time to do it. But now that Jun Wu Yao was here by her side, her heart had settled down, feeling as secure as she had back when she was at the Lin Palace.

“Alright, I’ll help you keep up the protection.” Jun Wu Yao said as he pinched Jun Wu Xie’s nose. Although her looks were now different after having altered them, but the pair of eyes that shot right into one’s soul, looked just like they had before, and just a single glance from them, was unforgettable for life.

And they worked on it immediately. Jun Wu Xie did not hesitate in the slightest and immediately climbed onto the bed to sit in a half lotus position, preparing herself for the advancement. Jun Wu Yao sat quietly on one side, to stand guard.

Jun Wu Xie sent her consciousness into her spirit and within the vast darkness, she saw the same pair of snake eyes that lit up like flames.

“Kid, you’re here? Did you manage to find the Devious Wyvern?” The Soaring Serpent’s enormous body peeked out within the darkness, its pair of eyes filled with greed and anxiety.

Jun Wu Xie stared at the Soaring Serpent and did not say a word, but just went on to repeat the actions she had done, when she had absorbed the Soaring Serpent’s spirit the first time.

Suddenly, the Soaring Serpent felt it. The feeling it had once felt before enshrouding over its spirit! It had just managed to recover some of its spirit powers after so much hardship and it was now being stripped out from it bit by bit!

“Kid! What are you doing! ?”

Its spirit powers was flowing out continuously which greatly startled the Soaring Serpent. It wanted to escape from Jun Wu Xie in horror but being trapped within Jun Wu Xie’s spirit, there was nowhere it could run to!

The surrounding darkness was stripping away at its spirit and its strength was decreasing at an alarming rate.

Jun Wu Xie raised her head slightly and stared at the highly flustered Soaring Serpent.

“Apologies, before you make use of me, I have to continue to make use of you.”

The Soaring Serpent’s heart jumped and it was feeling highly distressed. It had thought that Jun Wu Xie would continue to use other ring spirits to raise her own powers and had not expected Jun Wu Xie would turn her attention back onto it. Compared to other ring spirits, the Soaring Serpent was without question stronger, and even in its current state where its spirit was incomplete, its powers still surpassed any ring spirit Jun Wu Xie had since devoured after it!

A moment of greed, had thrown the Soaring Serpent into a helpless quandary. It had already been devoured by Jun Wu Xie and its spirit was completely not under its control at that moment. It could be said that in here, Jun Wu Xie would be able to give and take as she chose.

“No! No! How did it become like this! How could it become like this!” The Soaring Serpent twisted its body, trying to shake off the feeling, but it was all in futility.

It had wanted to deceive Jun Wu Xie to achieve its own aims, but it had not thought that it would finally still fail to be a match for this cunning little girl, resulting in it losing everything, even itself in the bargain.

Within the room, Jun Wu Yao had his arms crossed before his chest as he leaned against the bed, his eyes fixed upon Jun Wu Xie who had fallen into the world of her spirit. His gaze was involuntarily drawn to Jun Wu Xie’s red luscious little mouth and a smile flashed within his eyes. He slowly bent his back and went close to Jun Wu Xie’s face.

In a situation where she could not feel anything, he lightly planted a light kiss upon those lips.

Stopping with just a light taste, and not savouring it fully.



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