GDBBM – Chapter 1062

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Chapter 1062: “Jun Wu Xie’s Persistence (3)”

Jun Wu Yao’s words allowed Jun Wu Xie to not go think of what Qu Xin Rui had done and she suddenly remembered something else.

“The seed that you gave me before, what is it actually?” Jun Wu Xie recalled the incident with the Soaring Serpent about the Devious Wyvern and she immediately asked Jun Wu Yao about it.

“Is there anything wrong?” Jun Wu Yao replied with a question instead.

Jun Wu Xie shook her head. “Nothing is wrong, but it’s just something unexpected happened.”

An eyebrow lifted on Jun Wu Yao’s face. That seed was extremely useful towards spirits and would never cause any damage to them, which was why he had dared to let Jun Wu Xie use it. But Jun Wu Xie was now saying that something unexpected had happened and that had really made him pay attention to it.

“What happened?”

“Soaring Serpent, has not disappeared.” Jun Wu Xie said.

“I had previously thought that it had been completely absorbed but some time ago, I encountered a Devious Wyvern in the Thousand Beast City and the Soaring Serpent reacted very strongly towards the Devious Wyvern, where its emotions had even influenced my own emotions. That Devious Wyvern was swallowed up by Lord Meh Meh but it vomited out the spirit stone. The Soaring Serpent had then reacted very intensely towards the Devious Wyvern’s spirit stone. When I placed that spirit stone in my hand, golden tendrils suddenly appeared in my palm which wrapped themselves around the spirit stone and pulled it in to meld into my body. After that, the Soaring Serpent suddenly dragged me into my spirit and that was when I knew it has not disappeared. It told me that the seed’s power repaired its spirit and it wanted me to help it find the Devious Wyvern, to allow it to make a complete recovery.” Jun Wu Xie told everything to Jun Wu Yao without hiding anything.

After hearing her out, Jun Wu Yao’s eyes narrowed up. “That seed is taken from the Spirit Tree and all spirits in the world are drawn out from the Spirit Tree. Although that seed I gave you has yet to sprout and grow and is unable to reach a level similar to the Spirit Tree itself, but it is still extremely useful towards damaged spirits. The reason I placed it in your body was to let it repair your spirit and the Soaring Serpent had been very crafty to make use of this period to have its own spirit recover as well.”

Jun Wu Yao gave a cold laugh. What the Soaring Serpent was thinking, he knew it only too well.

“The Soaring Serpent was just trying to deceive you to make you help it find the Spirit Tree, that would allow it to escape back to the Spirit World. The Devious Wyvern is able to open up a door that leads to the Spirit World but…..” A sinister smile suddenly surfaced to show upon Jun Wu Yao’s face.

“And it was all due to strong intensity of the Soaring Serpent’s consciousness that pressed the Spirit Tree’s seed to react. The Spirit Tree’s seed is already melded together with your spirit as one and it would naturally act according in your interests and will put a stop to all that is harmful to your spirit, while at the same time….. act when there is anything beneficial to you.” Jun Wu Yao said as he lifted Jun Wu Xie’s tiny face, his eyes filled with smiles.

“Little Xie, you have unconsciously picked up a real treasure.”

Jun Wu Xie blinked her eyes blankly, not really understanding what he meant.

“The Devious Wyvern is able to open up a door that leads to the Spirit World but its spirit stone was absorbed by you instead. That would also mean….. you will be getting your second ring spirit.” Jun Wu Yao said with a wide smile.

Jun Wu Xie was surprised.

“Second ring spirit?”

Jun Wu Yao nodded. “The Soul Return Palace among the Twelve Palaces is the only one that is constantly attempting to use spirits as a medium to elevate their standings. In their hands, they hold many ways to make use of spirits and they even have a method, though with much difficulty, where they are able to absorb spirits, but nothing compared to yours, a little one whose body itself is already equipped with the most perfect method to devour spirits.”


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