GDBBM – Chapter 1061

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Chapter 1061: “Jun Wu Xie’s Persistence (2)”

If she chose to seek Jun Wu Yao’s help against these enemies right before her, then all that she had promised before would turn to become a joke.

“And if the ploys turn out still insufficient?” Jun Wu Yao’s eyes were fixed on Jun Wu Xie.

“Utilize all that I am able to summon, use all that I am able to make use of. If that still does not work, I will retreat from the vanguard and bide my time as I build my strength, and when the time is ripe, I shall then stride forth to crush the enemy!” Jun Wu Xie’s eyes said, as her eyes flashed with the light of steely determination.

The journey she needed to embark on to go back home, had to be completed by herself, in order for her to gain enough strength to face all her enemies. Only when her own powers grew, would she be able to deter all those powers who seeked to snatch her ring spirit from her. That was the only way she would be able to, with her own hands, protect her family she held so dear, from any harm.

She had been the same in her past life, when she escaped from hell, she had only herself to depend on. The only path to survival for her could be carved out only by herself and she was used to fighting her battles all alone, gotten used to facing challenges on her own. Even when the opponent was a hundred times stronger than she was, she had to stake everything she had, and fight with everything she got!

“Retreat from the vanguard….. Bide time to build strength…..” Jun Wu Yao mumbled the words Jun Wu Xie said and he suddenly laughed aloud. “Whatever you want to do, don’t back at all. If you don’t need me to help, I will not make any moves.”

He believed in the little one’s powers and mind. In all the incidents she had been through, no one had been able to escape from her ploys as yet.

Anyway, he was already by her side and if anything untoward really happened, it still wouldn’t be too late for him to make his move at that time.

Truth to be told, Jun Wu Yao hadn’t really intended to step forth to completely resolve Jun Wu Xie’s predicament for her. He was aware of Jun Wu Xie’s persistence and knew that the little one strove to become stronger and that perseverance was not something that he could complete for here on her behalf.

The end of Jun Wu Yao’s mouth were turned up in a smile and his eyes were filled up gentleness never seen before in them.

He might not be able to forever accompany her by her side, but if he could just in the time that he was still around, see her gradually walking the path towards greater power, till she gained the power to protect herself, he would be able to set his mind at ease.

There were some things, that Jun Wu Yao would never say to Jun Wu Xie. He would use everything within his power, to provide protection and serve as an escort for Jun Wu Xie, and with the precondition that she would not suffer any critical or mortal harm, to watch her walk towards the pinnacle.

Retreat from the vanguard, bide time to build strength, as Jun Wu Xie had said, was exactly what he was doing at the moment.

Jun Wu Xie raised her head to look at Jun Wu Yao. The time they had spent together wasn’t all that long, but she had gradually been able to gain from him a sense of security, as if as long as he was there, she would be able to do everything she wanted without the slightest worry.

“Barring that Dumb Qiao and the others would encounter anything expected, they should be returning in another few days as I am guessing that the place that Qu Xin Rui has hidden those people isn’t too far away from here.” Jun Wu Xie said, recomposing herself. Before Qiao Chu and the others sent news back, she still had some time for her perparations.

But, on the other hand, the thing with Qu Xin Rui might not be able to wait much longer.

A deep frown creased up Jun Wu Xie’s face. Qu Xin Rui had truly disgusted her this time round. She had initially intended to drag it out with Qu Xin Rui for a period but she was now no longer willing to do it that way!

Even having to cast another glance upon Qu Xin Rui would disgust her.

Seeing Jun Wu Xie frown once more, Jun Wu Yao seemed to have guessed her thoughts. He reached a hand out to smoothen the creases between the brows and said in a gentle voice: “If things disgust you, then don’t think of them anymore.”

All other things aside, he might not want to interfere. But that Qu Xin Rui’s life, he must finish with his own hands!



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