GDBBM – Chapter 1060

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Chapter 1060: “Jun Wu Xie’s Persistence (1)”

Xiong Ba had never ever seen it in his life, a “personal aide” with such an overwhelming aura. With that kind of overpowering presence, what kind of aide would that make, as even the Grand Chieftain of their Thousand Beast City, Qu Wen Hao would not match up to even a microscopic fraction of it. Even Qu Xin Rui had not made Xiong Ba feel so weak before her.

Once Jun Wu Yao opened his mouth, it seemed to be in Xiong Ba’s subconscious mind to want to immediately kneel to receive his orders, a situation that made Xiong Ba feel like crying.

Where was the dignity of a Clan Chief he was supposed to possess! ?

However, Xiong Ba could do nothing but wipe away his tears in humiliation and quickly got people to clean up a room for Jun Wu Yao without daring to tarry in the slightest, the specifications of the room based exactly on Jun Wu Xie’s one.

In what way was that the treatment meant for an aide? It was obviously how they would do it for an ancestor!

Ye Sha and Ye Mei finally managed to clean up the blood stains from in front of Jun Wu Xie’s room completely after much effort and the stones were polished till they were so smooth they shone before the two were willing to stop.

Jun Wu Yao finished washing up and changed out of his clothes before he brought his fresh smelling self to come into Jun Wu Xie’s room once again.

“Now, do I still smell?” He asked, smiling widely at Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie shook her head.

Jun Wu Yao sat down next to Jun Wu Xie and was sensitive enough to detect the little one’s emotions, which seemed to be less cold towards him than before.

“The matter with the Thousand Beast City, how does Little Xie intend to deal with it?” Jun Wu Yao asked, bringing the attention back to the main topic at hand. The objective Jun Wu Xie had coming to the Thousand Beast City, had been told to him by Ye Sha, but even Ye Sha was not fully clear on Jun Wu Xie’s full intentions here.

Before the objective was met, what kind of plans Jun Wu Xie had exactly, was not known to anyone.

“Dumb Qiao and the others are already looking into the location that the people have been imprisoned, and when they send back the news, we can then move.” To resolve the crisis the Thousand Beast City was faced with, the solution to it would not be found within the city itself, but outside instead.

“Do you want me to help?” Jun Wu Yao asked, resting his chin on an upturned palm, looking smilingly at Jun Wu Xie.

“No.” Jun Wu Xie said as she looked at Jun Wu Yao. All this time, although he frequently disappeared for periods, but every time whenever she was in need, he would always appear at the opportune time, resolving any teething problems that she was facing. She had to admit that Jun Wu Yao indeed held an immense amount of power, and any of the problems that Jun Wu Xie had faced so far, would before him, seemingly be easily dealt with.

But she did not want to always be dependant on Jun Wu Yao’s might. If she needed his help in everything, then what kind of meaning would there be to her existence?

She was not willing to be the golden canary under the wing of others. She seeked to be able to drive back her enemies with her own hands one fine day, to possess the capability to defend herself, and not one who was just a burden and an encumbrance.

This was what Jun Wu Xie persisted in, and the way she held her pride.

She was not willing to append herself under someone’s wing.

“Really? Within the Thousand Beast City, there are several people from the Soul Return Palace and although they would not be considered to be the finest fighters in the Soul Return Palace, but their powers are still beyond what you can currently handle. You might have acquired the method to temporarily raise your spirit powers, but those few people are true and proper Purple Spirits. You should know very clearly how big a gap there is between a true blue Purple Spirit and a temporary Purple Spirit.” Jun Wu Yao said, looking at Jun Wu Xie through narrowed eyes, mercilessly pointing out her inadequacies against the enemy without holding back at all.

“I have never intended to go head on against them.” Jun Wu Xie said. “If might is insufficient, then stratagems are needed to make up for it. If I am unable to even deal with these few people from the Soul Return Palace, would I still dare to say that I would be taking on the Twelve Palaces in future?”

If she chose to seek Jun Wu Yao’s help against these enemies right before her, then all that she had promised before would turn to become a joke.

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