GDBBM – Chapter 1059

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Chapter 1059: “Sorry, Am Not In a Good Mood (5)”

Having witnessed their Lord Jue’s self restraint, the two of them were almost moved to tears.

They had never seen their own Lord Jue ever held himself back from his desire for slaughter!

Whoever he wanted dead, would not live another moment, and would never just merely have his hand broken. That was already the greatest form of restraint!


Before Jun Wu Xie, Jun Wu Yao’s self control was really going off the charts!

Jun Wu Xie suddenly tilted her head and stared at Jun Wu Yao, a questioning look in her eyes.

Jun Wu Yao did not want Jun Wu Xie to see the strong murderous aura he held within and he walked over to come before Jun Wu Xie with a wide smile while stretching out a hand to say: “If Little Xie blames me for that, then shall I break this hand of mine as recompense to you?”

And after saying that, Jun Wu Yao was about to break his own hand!

Jun Wu Xie then grabbed Jun Wu Yao’s hand, preventing him from doing something so horrifying.

Jun Wu Yao smiled.

“By not wanting me to break it, does it mean Little Xie wouldn’t blame me anymore?”

“…..” Jun Wu Xie felt as if she had been led in a circle to fall into this quandary but she was not willing to think about it anymore and just said: “Xiong Ba and his people are still useful to me. Do not hurt them anymore, especially not anywhere near to my room.”

This little bit of injury was really nothing in Jun Wu Xie’s eyes but it bothered her that the faint stench of blood would not disperse within a short period of time.

Jun Wu Yao’s gaze swung over to the figures of Ye Mei and Ye Sha who were hard at work scrubbing the floor.  The figure of Ye Mei completely disappeared almost at the same instant that the gaze fell upon him and mere moments later, he rushed into Jun Wu Xie’s room like he had flown to retrieve a bunch of plum blossoms in full bloom, gripped in his hand.

“Young Miss, the fragrance from the plum blossoms would cover some of the blood’s stench and I beg for Young Miss to endure it for a little while more while we get those blood stains completely cleaned up.” Ye Mei said carefully. Only upon seeing Jun Wu Yao retract his gaze, did he then retreat out from the room to continue with the scrubbing of the floor with Ye Sha, squatted down just outside the door…..

The light fragrance of the plum blossoms spread through the air, which helped to reduce the stench of blood a little. Jun Wu Xie looked at the bunch of winter plum blossoms placed upon the table and reached out to pick up a small branch, and stuffed it into Jun Wu Yao’s hand.

A smile came into Jun Wu Yao’s hand.

“The stench is just as bad, from your body.” Jun Wu Xie said seriously.

Realising that the real reason the little one had “gifted flowers” to him was not because of love but disdain, the joy in Jun Wu Yao’s eyes was immediately replaced by depression.

“I’ll go wash up and change right away.” Jun Wu Yao said quickly with a smile, gripping the stick of plum blossoms in his hand before departing from Jun Wu Xie’s room.

The gifting of the flowers had obviously been shoved into his hand in disdain but Jun Wu Yao still gripped it tightly within his hand.

Jun Wu Xie looked at Jun Wu Yao’s departing back and her lips flashed with a faint smile that even she herself had not been aware of.

The courtyard that Jun Wu Xie stayed at was one that the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall prepared for guests of theirs and besides Jun Wu Xie, there was no one else staying there at the moment.

Xiong Ba finally returned to his room with Qing Yu’s assistance and before he could even settle down, a most nightmarish figure appeared before his eyes.

A loud thump sounded!

Xiong Ba had fallen on his behind to the ground!

“Wha….. What….. do you want?” Xiong Ba was white as a sheet as he stared at Jun Wu Yao.

“I’ve decided to stay at the same courtyard with Young Master Jun henceforth.” Jun Wu Yao said looking at Xiong Ba.

Xiong Ba gulped loudly before he said: “I’ll have someone see to it immediately!”

Jun Wu Yao nodded in satisfaction and added: “Have them get a warm bath prepared.”

“Of course! Immediately! Right away!” Xiong Ba answered almost by conditioned reflex.

Jun Wu Yao then turned to leave, leaving behind Xiong Ba who had been almost frightened into insanity and Qing Yu who stood there stunned for a long while…..


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