GDBBM – Chapter 1058

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Chapter 1058: “Sorry, Am Not In a Good Mood (4)”

Always fearless and reckless, this was the first time Xiong Ba knew the meaning of the word “weak”. With merely just one look from Jun Wu Yao he was now completely weakened.

Qing Yu was also seated obediently, where he did not even dare to look in that direction, deeply afraid if he were to even gaze at the man, his eyes just might be dug out.

By the time Jun Wu Xie came back, that stifling air of a critical crisis then disappeared without a trace. The speed that it happened at, made the two of them feel that they had just imagined it all.

“Young Master Jun, he is really….. your aide?” Xiong Ba asked as he shrunk into his shoulders.

“Mm.” Jun Wu Xie said as she glanced at Jun Wu Yao standing at the side and Jun Wu Yao immediately showed her a dazzling smile, but she turned her head away from him!

“…..” Jun Wu Yao was speechless.

[The little one….. seems to be angry…..]

It was after so long that he finally could get along harmoniously with Jun Wu Xie and might even have a chance to advance in their relationship but….. it was now all ruined. In his heart, Jun Wu Yao had already ground the bones of Xiong Ba’s and Qing Yu’s into dust and scattered them in the wind. If those two people had not chosen to come barging in at the time when he was in a bad mood, why would the little one be unhappy with him?

If Xiong Ba and Qing Yu knew what Jun Wu Yao was thinking, they would have immediately knelt down to plead before the Lord.

The two men were wishing with all their heart that they had never met Jun Wu Yao who was just really too goddamned terrifying!

His hand having been broken and still held in contempt for intruding into his blissful reunion, who were they expected to run crying to?

“For the next two weeks, do not move this hand too much.” Jun Wu Xie exhorted.

Xiong Ba nodded dazedly, looking like he still had not recovered from being told that the demonic lord was just an aide.

Qing Yu was secretly bowing in deference to Jun Xie in his heart. He had already thought that Jun Xie was almost devilishly talented and now he had even proven himself more heaven defying. To have a man so immensely powerful that was willing to serve as an aide, such a show of dominance was not something anyone would be able to emulate!

“Go back then.” Jun Wu Xie issued her eviction notice.

Xiong Ba cradled his injured hand, and in a hesitant voice, he asked: “About the….. Did anything happen to you at the Heavenly Cloud Chambers? Did Qu Xin Rui…..”

Xiong Ba had not even finished his words when the atmosphere in the room suddenly turned strange. Jun Xie’s eyes turned completely cold and an intense murderous aura was raging behind Xiong Ba’s back.

Xiong Ba almost weeped on the spot, immediately realising that he seemed to have asked a question he should not have asked.

“My hand hurts! I need to go back and recuperate! Deputy! Quick! Help me walk!” Xiong Ba immediately shot to his feet and cradling his hand, he slipped out quickly from the room in escape as Qing Yu hurried to catch up behind.

The Clan Chief and Deputy Clan Chief of the Fiery Blaze Clan ran away, in such a panic under the cold glare of Jun Xie and Jun Wu Yao’s murderous aura that they did not even have time to close the door behind them!

“Why did you injure them?” Jun Wu Xie asked, glaring at Jun Wu Yao. She did not believe that Jun Wu Yao would be unaware of Xiong Ba’s and Qing Yu’s identities. With Ye Sha here, every single person around her, would be made known to Jun Wu Yao.

Jun Wu Yao looked at Jun Wu Xie’s darkened little face and he coughed lightly to say: “Sorry, am not in a good mood. And went slightly overboard in the heat of the moment.”

Cleaning up the bloodstains just outside the door, Ye Sha and Ye Mei almost choked on their own saliva.

[That was overboard?]

They both thought that Jun Wu Yao had already held himself back with everything he had! Based on the kind of mood he was currently in, not killing Xiong Ba and Qing Yu on the spot was already the greatest mercy shown to the two men! If their Lord had indeed gone “overboard”, those two men would by now have their bodies already completely reduced to ashes! !


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