GDBBM – Chapter 1057

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Chapter 1057: “Sorry, Am Not In a Good Mood (3)”

Jun Wu Yao stood outside the door and looked at the ground in front of it. Seeing the scattered drops of blood, his eyes narrowed.

After the room door was shut, Ye Sha and Ye Mei immediately appeared.

“Lord Jue.”

“Clean up this area.” Jun Wu Yao said simply and then turned to push the door open to walk inside.

Ye Sha and Ye Mei exchanged a look and saw the look of suffering on each other’s faces.

The atmosphere had just been so harmonious when their Lord Jue and the Young Miss had met again, but those two idiots had to come barging in suddenly, appearing just when their Lord Jue had been feeling absolutely murderous. In the end, besides the fact that those guys had almost gotten themselves killed, they have caused the Young Miss’ demeanor become cold towards their Lord Jue once again.

Ye Sha and Ye Mei could not help but to light a pair of candles for Xiong Ba and Qing Yu in their hearts. Why their Lord Jue had not slaughtered that pair immediately on the spot must have been because of the consideration for the Young Miss, but having been the cause to make the Young Miss show their Lord Jue the cold shoulder, death wouldn’t be too far from those two.

Mourning for Xiong Ba and Qing Yu for the tragedy that was about to befall them, Ye Mei and Ye Sha began to clean up the blood stains in front of the door in resignation, making sure that they do not leave the slightest scent of blood behind!

In the room, Xiong Ba had already turned pale from the pain. He had not sustained such a severe injury for a long time and he had just barely seated himself while Jun Xie had turned around to gather some things when he noticed that Jun Wu Yao who had entered a step behind them currently had his arms crossed over his chest, looking at him and Qing Yu, calm and unaffected. He still had a smile on his face and did not seem to hold much animosity against them, but, for no reason, Xiong Ba felt that the distance between him and death had suddenly been pulled a lot closer!

Due to that instinctive fear that gripped him, Xiong Ba involuntarily shifted his chair backwards a little.

Jun Wu Xie took out some elixirs from her Cosmos Sack and turned around to walk back to them.

Without a word, Jun Xie bent her head down and began to treat Xiong Ba’s injury. Qing Yu sat at the side anxiously but was greatly surprised to see that Jun Xie seemed highly proficient at treating wounds, just like he had when providing treatment for the “big eared rabbit”. Jun Xie’s actions while treating Xiong Ba’s wound could only be said as fast, efficient, and steady!

“Young Master Jun, just who is he?” Qing Yu could not help but open his mouth to ask. Jun Wu Yao then stepped further into the room to stand, and Qing Yu suddenly felt as if the air in the entire had suddenly turned thin.

Jun Xie’s actions with his hands paused slightly and he raised his head to look at Jun Wu Yao standing at the side. She then called out in a cold voice: “Aide.”

Qing Yu’s eyes bulged wide open and Xiong Ba even forgot about the pain on his wrist as he hollered in shock. “Really! ?”

[That terrifying man is really Jun Xie’s personal aide?] [Isn’t that a joke?]

Xiong Ba felt that his view of the world was being seriously challenged!

Having been completely thrashed by Jun Wu Yao and was completely unable to retaliate in the slightest, Xiong Ba had gotten a full taste of Jun Wu Yao’s might. He had a feeling, like Jun Wu Yao’s prowess was a lot more powerful than Qu Xin Rui! Qu Xin Rui was already a Purple Spirit, then Jun Wu Yao’s powers…..

Xiong Ba could not imagine it.

[And a man so powerful that it was completely unbelievable to people, was an aide to Jun Xie?]

Although Jun Xie was also an incomparably devilish prodigy, but Xiong Ba still felt that answer incredibly hard to believe.

“Too noisy.” Jun Wu Xie frowned and she treated Xiong Ba’s wound speedily, before standing up to go to the side to wipe off the blood stains on her hands cleanly.

The moment Jun Wu Xie’s body was turned, Xiong Ba immediately found that Jun Wu Yao’s gaze had grown to become terrifying. He hung his head low between his shoulders as a strange feeling came over him.

He could not shake off the feeling that once Jun Wu Xie left the room, that man would immediately kill him.

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