GDBBM – Chapter 1055

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Chapter 1055: “Apologies, Am Not In a Good Mood (1)”

Those fragmented memories, had been squeezed into his mind and without a hint, he would not be able to recall any of it. Those memories seemed to be his, yet not really exactly his. The feeling made him feel rather deranged and made Ye Sha unable to switch back immediately.

It seemed like there was such a scene, upon the Cloudy Peaks, everything his eyes saw, was through blood.

In the courtyard, the pattering of footsteps reached their ears. Ye Sha and Ye Mei immediately disappeared from their spots.

Xiong Ba was still feeling a little worried and unable to tolerate the nerves gnawing at him any longer, he dragged Qing Yu along with him to come to the courtyard that Jun Xie was staying at. Although he was hesitant to come disturb Jun Xie, but he felt that he should at least come find out what had happened.

In the end, Xiong Ba’s foot had just stepped into the courtyard when he saw a immensely handsome looking man standing right before Jun Xie’s door!

Immediately, Xiong Ba’s face showed a sense of caution as he asked guardedly: “Who are you? Why would you appear here within the premises of my Fiery Blaze Clan Hall?”

The man’s looks was peerlessly handsome but it was a face Xiong Ba had never seen before. The Fiery Blaze Clan Hall was heavily guarded, so how had this man managed to come in here?

Jun Wu Yao turned his gaze around slowly, as he looked at the highly nervous Xiong Ba and Qing Yu. In the next instant, he smiled and said: “My humble self is Young Master Jun’s personal aide.”

“…..” Xiong Ba’s eyes widened and stared, looking like he did not believe a word of it.

The air Jun Wu Yao gave out was nothing like that of an aide and even when he had suppressed his aura, but the feeling he gave people still showed his powerful might clearly.

A personal aide like this, who dared to employ him?

“You lie! Jun Xie had not ever brought any personal aide here with him! Who are you really? And how did you manage to sneak into my Fiery Blaze Clan Hall! ?” There was no way that Xiong Ba would be able to see this extraordinary man with the exceptional air he gave out as anyone’s aide. Moreover, no one in the clan had known of his coming and just that one point alone made his presence here very highly suspicious.

Jun Wu Yao looked at Xiong Ba and his eyes slightly narrowed with a smile.

[This is a rather sticky situation.] Jun Wu Yao thought to himself. From the information Ye Sha had provided, Jun Wu Yao was roughly able to guess at these two men’s identities. If they had been anyone else, he could very well have just killed them. But Little Xie seemed to be cooperating with these two and if he killed them, it might be a little difficult to answer to Jun Wu Xie.

When Xiong Ba did not get a reply from Jun Wu Yao, he immediately rushed forward, fully intending to capture the man.

Jun Wu Yao looked smilingly at Xiong Ba who was charging straight at him and he raised one hand slightly, catching the fist Xiong Ba threw at him firmly.

“It will be better for you to not strike at me. I am not really in a good mood at the moment.” Jun Wu Yao said, looking at Xiong Ba. The only thing he felt like doing now in his heart was to kill people. Only for Jun Wu Xie, for any other person, he really didn’t feel like suppressing his own emotions.

Xiong Ba stared at Jun Wu Yao in shock. He had not held his punch back in the slightest and had used all his powers. But that punch had been effortlessly caught by this handsome and ageless man right before his eyes, and he had not detected the man having summoned the slightest bit of spirit power at all.

“As long as you do not die, I guess it should still be fine.” Jun Wu Yao was still smiling, but those words were not said to Xiong Ba, but just him talking to himself.

Xiong Ba was just about to say something when a crisp crack suddenly sounded in the air, and his hand that was held by Jun Wu Yao was easily broken by Jun Wu Yao as if it was just a lone chopstick!

The heinous pain made Xiong Ba immediately break out in cold sweat!

Shock filled Qiao Yu’s heart when he saw that and he had wanted to rush up to save Xiong Ba when Jun Wu Yao’s chilling eyes with their murderous aura swung over to him, which made him freeze in the spot he was standing.

“If you do not want him to die, then remain there obediently.”

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