GDBBM – Chapter 1051

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Chapter 1051: “You’re Not Cold? I Am (1)”

A highly masculine and throaty voice suddenly rang within the room and Jun Wu Xie who was standing within the washroom immediately halted all her movements. She stood in her spot not moving in the slightest, as her eyes continued to stare at her reddened hands still soaked within the icy cold water.

A clean and handsome looking hand reached out to come before Jun Wu Xie. That hand’s joints showed prominently, slender but strong. The big, warm and comforting hand reached into the water and pulled Jun Wu Xie’s tiny hands which had turned freezing cold out of the icy water.

So cold were those hands that almost couldn’t feel anything anymore, firmly grasped in that big hand, the warmth slowly spreading to drive the freezing chill out.

“It’s icy cold, don’t you feel cold?” The flawlessly handsome man looked solemnly at the tiny face that was slightly lowered, the snowy fair face reddened all over, showing up upon her skin, exceptionally glaring.

“Still alright.” Jun Wu Xie said quietly, her head still lowered.

“But I’m cold.”

Jun Wu Xie did not reply.

The next moment, she was pulled into a warm and comforting embrace, the pair of icy cold hands laid upon that burning chest, big hands clasped over the tiny ones, pulling them to slip them under the robe.

A burning warmth was felt under her fingertips which quickly shocked Jun Wu Xie back to her senses. She suddenly raised her head up and Jun Wu Yao’s comforting countenance reflected within her clear eyes.

Jun Wu Xie had instinctively wanted to move her hands away from Jun Wu Yao’s chest but her tiny bit of strength was helpless and insignificant before him. With one hand holding her tiny hands down, Jun Wu Xie could do nothing else but have her hand stuck upon his chest.

The burning warmth and the icy chill interweaved as the heat and cold passed between each other, embracing, to normalise the temperature.

“Cold.” Jun Wu Xie said with a frown and wanted to retract her hand. How freezing cold her hand was, she knew it well.

Jun Wu Yao lowered his head with a beaming smile and looked at that reddened little face. His other hand gently clasped over it and he found that it was just as chilling cold under his palm. Her face was still slightly wet and the icy chill water had taken the warmth out from her face.

“You only just realized that it’s cold now. Why didn’t I see you avoid it earlier?” Jun Wu Yao asked Jun Wu Xie, a brow lifted up on his face.

Jun Wu Xie’s lips stiffened and she just lowered her head and refused to say a word.

Jun Wu Yao saw that Jun Wu Xie was acting rather abnormally. He had left for quite a period and immediately upon his return, he had found his Little Xie acting so strangely.

In the past, whenever they reunited, this little one’s face would also flush slightly red, but not with such an icy chill, and it had been with warmth instead. But this time, not only had her skin turned so cold, her eyes had also become rather morose. Her eyes now reminded him of when he had first met her, that fully armed and always poised little porcupine. But with the gradual passing of time, the gaze she looked at him with had no longer been so cold and distant. So why was it looking so different today?

Jun Wu Yao held Jun Wu Xie within his arms and used his own body warmth to drive off the chill from her. He then turned his head slightly and out of the corner of his eyes, his gaze swept over the little black cat.

The little black cat immediately shivered under that sweeping gaze. It saw that Jun Wu Yao’s gaze had been so gentle and sweet towards its Mistress but why had those eyes so suddenly turned into ones from such a terrifying demon lord when they turned and was looking at it! ?

The sharp chill in that gaze, had almost instantly made the little black cat’s blood turn to ice!

The little black cat had immediately understood what Jun Wu Yao’s chilling gaze had meant. He would not force Jun Wu Xie to tell him, but that did not mean that its little self would be spared from interrogation!

Under the great demon lord’s tyrannical abuse, the little black cat would have no choice but to spill everything it knew.

“Erm….. just now….. an old witch kissed Mistress once.”

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