GDBBM – Chapter 1044

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Chapter 1044: “I Don’t Need To (3)”

To deal with Lin Feng, Jun Wu Xie did not even need to lift her own hand. She only needed to introduce a little stimulant into Lin Feng’s body and Qu Xin Rui would help her to do the rest.

To punish an opponent, sometimes, one did not need to dirty one’s hands.

Xiong Ba and Qing Yu stared at Jun Xie and the two of them shivered involuntarily.

Lin Feng was finished for sure this time. Having fallen into Qu Xin Rui’s hands, even if he managed to live through it, he would definitely be at least hopelessly crippled. Jun Xie’s hand, killing with a borrowed knife, was played very quickly and devastating. So quick that Lin Feng still did not know that it had all been Jun Xie behind it.

Jun Xie was seen to be small and skinny in size, unexceptional in looks, but that shrewd mind…..


The two of them secretly told themselves, that they must never offend this one here, or they wouldn’t even know what killed them even upon the very moment of death.

When they got back to the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall, the three of them parted to get some rest.

Jun Wu Xie sat in her room and snapped her fingers, which immediately summoned Ye Sha to appear within the room.

“Young Miss.”

“You found anything?” Jun Wu Xie asked, looking at Ye Sha.

Ye Sha answered: “Within the Heavenly Cloud Chambers, there are a total of four people who hold powers at the Purple Spirit and above. The most powerful among them is not Qu Xin Rui. Qu Xin Rui’s powers is not considered the highest among those four people.”

“Oh?” Jun Wu Xie lifted an eyebrow. Xiong Ba had said those powerful pugilists around Qu Xin Rui were all her subordinates. But if she were to base it on what Ye Sha had told her, things were not as simple as they seemed. The general rule among the Twelve Palaces had always been survival of the fittest and unless one was highborn, otherwise, the powers they possessed spoke the loudest.

Qu Xin Rui was not the most powerful among them, and she had been born in the Lower Realm. According to reason, the position she held shouldn’t be higher than the other three people.

“Looks like, this Qu Xin Rui is putting on an act.” Jun Wu Xie reasoned, rubbing at her chin.

“There’s one more thing, that your subordinate finds rathe fishy.” Ye Sha said.

“What is it?”

“Your subordinate felt a very strange energy within the Heavenly Cloud Chambers. That surge of energy reminds your subordinate of the Soul Return Palace among the Twelve Palaces. The Soul Return Palace had always excelled in manipulating spirits to turn things to their advantage. If your subordinate’s gut feeling is right, within the Heavenly Cloud Chambers, there should be a certain spirit tool from the Soul Return Palace in use.” Ye Sha said.

“Did you manage to find out what it was?”

“I did not. I did not have enough time. The other three people from the Soul Return Palace were on that level and your subordinate was unable to investigate further into it without alerting them.”

Jun Wu Xie nodded. At least she knew that their opponent was the Soul Return Palace.


Back in the Heavenly Cloud Chambers, all the favoured men had been chased out and sent to the second level, and the way upstairs was guarded.

On the seventh level, Qu Xin Rui sat in front of the dressing table, looking at her own beautiful countenance in the copper mirror. The alluring features were reflected inside the copper mirror but the expression did not show the slightest trace of joy or admiration.

Qu Xin Rui’s brows were creased up tightly together, and her eyes stared hard into the copper mirror as they swept over the reflection of her eyes, brows, lips and nose before she lowered her head to look at her own wrist.

Around her wrist, wrapped under the smooth skin, a piece of crinkled up flesh was showing. That palm sized area when compared to the smooth and fair skin in the other areas, had lost its original elasticity, and the skin had turned a dark yellow, filled with wrinkles all over, where some faint brown spots were even seen scattered over that portion of her skin.

Qu Xin Rui’s eyes were filled with fear and panic. She kept reaching her hand out, wanting to wipe away that piece of old and aged skin, but it was to no avail. Caught up in distraught and anxiety, she suddenly swept everything upon the dressing table onto the ground!

The clear and loud clatter of the fallen items rang out within the Heavenly Cloud Chambers deep in the night.


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