GDBBM – Chapter 1043

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Chapter 1043: “I Don’t Need To (2)”

With Jun Xie assuring words, Xiong Ba and Qing Yu were finally able to set their hearts which had been hanging by a thread at ease.

Although it was merely four words uttered by Jun Xie, it gave them a great sense of security.

“Cough, if it were up to me to say, do you think there is something wrong with Lin Feng today? Everything was going on fine but he had somehow insisted to seek his own death before that old hag of a Qu Xin Rui? He might be usually highly arrogant, but in front of Qu Xin Rui, he has always observed the necessary decorum. But today, he seemed to have taken the wrong medication and seemed to have lost his mind.” The finally relieved Xiong Ba immediately changed the topic.

Lin Feng’s actions today, had really stunned everyone at the banquet.

To dare to slap Qu Xin Rui across the face during her own birthday banquet, Lin Feng was definitely the first in the entire Thousand Beast City. As Xiong Ba did not really like Lin Feng all that much, having gotten to witness Qu Xin Rui being angered to such a rage was rather satisfying for him.

“He took wrong medication indeed.” Jun Wu Xie told him expressionlessly, the corners of her mouth curling up into an almost indiscernible sneer.

No one knew that when Lin Feng offered her the toast, he had spiked the wine.

When the wine cup was brought over, it had already been smeared with poison. Any other person might not have been able to detect it, but Jun Wu Xie had found that something was suspicious with just a single whiff. The very faint scent had been covered by the smell of alcohol and it could have been easily mistaken as the fragrance of the wine but it had not escaped Jun Wu Xie’s alert senses.

A great pity it was, under the Heavens, a poison that would be able to take her down had still not been developed.

Since Lin Feng dared to play the game, she couldn’t very well not return the favour.

All favours done for you must be reciprocated in return, and that was merely the “polite” thing to do.

When Jun Wu Xie poured out the wine for Lin Feng, she had already drawn out her silver needle and had it hidden between her fingers. Under the cover of the wine flask, she had poured the wine over the tip of the needle before it fell into Lin Feng’s wine cup. Her silver needle had been small and fine and she had only exposed it by such a tiny bit that no one would even see it.

Qing Yu stared at Jun Wu Xie. Her words had just made him feel stronger about the guess he had been holding in his heart and he could not help himself but to ask: “Young Master Jun, did you….. drug Lin Feng earlier?”

Xiong Ba’s eyes grew wide. It was obvious he did not have the slightest idea that Jun Xie could have drugged Lin Feng.

“Mmm.” Jun Wu Xie nodded without hiding it.

Xiong Ba’s face was twisted in shock while Qing Yu’s face showed that he had guessed it in his mind.

“I had thought, why had Lin Feng suddenly turned so stupid. I had only been suspicious, until I saw your signal, and I immediately understood that all of that had been your doing.” Qing Yu said.

If not for that glance from Jun Xie, he would not have stood forth and said those words.

“What did you actually drug him with?” Qing Yu asked curiously.

“It was just something trifle. It wouldn’t have killed him, but had just weakened his sense of self control.” Jun Wu Xie said with a cold voice. That couldn’t be considered to be a form of poison but would have an effect on a person’s mood and emotions, digging into a person’s negativity and make him release all that the heart tries hardest to suppress. That was one of the drugs that she had developed based on the organization’s requirements, to use on those members of their organization who have suppressed themselves for too long, to give vent to their emotions. The duration of the effects of that drug was very short and after they have vented it out, all they needed was a certain amount of provocative stimulation and the effects would be completely nullified, and the target would immediately regain their senses.

In terms of the damage it inflicted, this drug could be considered to be the most gentle one she had at her disposal.


Under exceptional circumstances, and at special times, it could bring about amazing effects.

With Qu Xin Rui’s petty and spiteful nature, how would she allow a insignificant young youth like Lin Feng to snub her so completely during her own birthday banquet?


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