GDBBM – Chapter 1045

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Chapter 1045: “Invite (1)”

On the second day after Qu Xin Rui’s birthday banquet, a group of people gathered outside the Heavenly Cloud Chambers at dawn. They were all female and their looks varied across all levels, dressed in all different clothes, but on their faces, they all looked just as sorrowful.

They all stood outside the Heavenly Cloud Chambers, their gazes fixed longingly upon their family members who had sent them here, not knowing when the next time they would be seeing their family.

People came out from within the Heavenly Cloud Chambers and there were ten horse carriages stopped outside as well. The men from the Heavenly Cloud Chambers then hastened the womenfolk onto the horse carriages, completely severing all the last vestiges of longing from their minds.

As the wheels trundled to move along, all the other people crowded around the Heavenly Cloud Chambers could do nothing but watch on as their wives and children gradually moved further away from them, and no matter how much they hated what they were forced to bear, there wasn’t anything they could do about it.

Ten horse carriages rolled out through the gates of the Thousand Beast City as they slowly moved towards the mountainous forests. They went past a little swathe of woods and were passing through a little village of the Thousand Beast City’s.

“Look! They’re here.” A plainly dressed youth said as he tapped his companion lightly on the shoulder.

The youth who was eating turned his head around and through the little window of the inn, he saw a convoy of horse carriages.

“Innkeeper, keep the change!” The youth wiped his mouth hurriedly with the back of his hand, and threw down a nugget of silver on the table before the two companions picked up their legs and swooshed outside.

“Their timing is right on the dot.” Qiao Chu said as he stared at the row of horse carriages, his eyes slightly narrowed. They had waited at this village outside the Thousand Beast City for a rather long period of time and their target had finally appeared.

“Inform Brother Hua and the others, that they do not need to watch the other gates anymore.” Qiao Chu turned his head to say to Rong Ruo.

The five of them had split up and had been watching the four city gates of the Thousand Beast City from the villages just outside and Qiao Chu had been waiting here in this one with Rong Ruo.

Rong Ruo released her Hell Butterflies soundlessly and several Hell Butterflies fluttered their wings under the sunlight before flying off in different directions while Qiao Chu and Rong Ruo followed behind the team of horse carriages, quickly disappearing into the woods.

“Those people have moved out.” Xiong Ba had woken up very early today. He had not rushed or hurried himself to go attend to the matters of the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall, but had instead come to Jun Xie’s room.

Every month at this time, this mournful scene of sad and tearful parting would play out at the Thousand Beast City where long separated family members who had been reunited for merely one short month would have to be forcibly separated once again.

“Young Master Jun. Are you really confident that you would be able to find out the location of the place our people have been imprisoned?” Xiong Ba asked of Jun Xie. After arriving at the Thousand Beast City, Jun Xie had not taken much action here. Although he knew that Jun Xie’s companions had split up and parted from them just before they came into the city proper, to make their respective preparations, Xiong Ba could not help himself but feel highly anxious about the whole thing at that moment.

If they did not succeed this time, they would have to wait one whole month. And within that one additional long month, it was not known how many more issues might come up.

Since Qu Xin Rui fully intended to win Jun Xie over, it was expected that she would take action quite soon.

“Mm.” Jun Wu Xie nodded, acknowledging as expressionlessly as she always did.

Xiong Ba was on the other hand on the edge of his nerves, pacing around the room endlessly.

Which almost drove Jun Wu Xie dizzy.

“You’re worried?”

Xiong Ba froze a moment. “This….. I can’t help being worried….. Better to resolve it quickly before more problems crop up.”

“There is no need for that.” Jun Wu Xie said: “Whether it succeeds or not, is not something you and I can change now. With Dumb Qiao and the others out there, we will naturally have to leave it in their hands to deal with it. Since it is something we cannot do anything about, why should we get ourselves all flustered about it?”

Thinking too much about it might not be a good thing. Considering other options within your power wouldn’t be wrong, but when things are in the hands of others, no matter how much one worried about it, would be of no use, but only mess up your mind together with your emotions.

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