GDBBM – Chapter 1035

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Chapter 1035: “Birthday Banquet (10)”

Qu Xin Rui and Jun Xie looked to be on amicable terms, which made the other people in the banquet feel a little more or less puzzled and confused about it.

“It’s fate that let us meet and since little Young Master Jun came to my Thousand Beast City as a guest, then you are a guest of the entire Thousand Beast City.” Qu Xin Rui said with a smile, before her gaze shifted slightly, to look at Lin Feng whose face was looking highly gloomy. “Little Feng, any previous misunderstandings you had with little Young Master Jun had better be resolved today. Shouldn’t you just take this opportunity during my birthday banquet today and offer Young Master Jun a toast?”

Upon saying that, Qu Xin Rui got someone to bring two cups of fine wine and placed them before Lin Feng.

Lin Feng’s face immediately shocked a trace of shock!

[Qu Xin Rui wants him to apologise to Jun Xie with a toast? ?]

Lin Feng could not believe what his own ears were hearing. He could ignore it if Qu Xin Rui merely didn’t pursue the previous transgressions with Jun Xie, or even the fact that she was being so cordial towards Jun Xie today. But….. now she wanted him to apologise to Jun Xie whom he hated so much that he wished he could tear into pieces? How was that possible! ?

Lin Feng hated Jun Xie so badly in his heart and he was now expected to make an apology toast before everyone here. Humiliated to such an extent, how was Lin Feng supposed to tolerate that?

Seeing that Lin Feng was showing such a dark face, his fists so tightly clenched up, a trace of displeasure came onto Qu Xin Rui’s face. Lin Que noticed the look of discontent on Qu Xin Rui’s face and he was suddenly startled as he quickly pulled his son’s sleeve discreetly, which told him to follow what Qu Xin Rui told him to do.

Lin Feng gritted his teeth tightly and he glared balefully at the two cups of wine before him, his eyes showing his strong reluctance.

A moment later, all traces of dark gloominess suddenly disappeared from Lin Feng’s face, and looking like he had completely forgotten all his prejudices against Jun Xie, he suddenly smiled and got up, carrying the two cups of wine as he strode with wide steps over to Jun Xie.

The sudden change that had come over Lin Feng surprised everybody and Qu Xin Rui looked rather pleased.

With everyone watching him, Lin Feng held the two cups of wine in his hands, a strange smile on his face. At the very instant he turned, with the fingertip on one of his hands, he wiped it around the rim of one of the wine cups lightly unnoticed.

“Young Master Jun. All the things I did before were due to my immature youth and brashness. If I have caused any offence, I hope that Young Master Jun does not mind it.” Lin Feng said with a highly insincere smile, as he pushed one of the cup of wine before Jun Xie.

Jun Wu Xie lifted an eyebrow and looked at Lin Feng whose demeanor had suddenly changed completely, her cold gaze eyeing the cup of wine that Lin Feng had pushed over to her.

Just as everyone was thinking that Jun Xie was still unwilling to forgive Lin Feng, Jun Xie suddenly stood up, and took the wine cup from his hand.

“Since it’s all just a misunderstanding, then it’s all right now.” Upon saying that, Jun Wu Xie lifted the offered cup of wine and emptied the cup with her head thrown back.

Lin Feng watched Jun Xie at the instant that he downed the wine from the cup, and his eyes shone with undisguised malice, before he drank the cup in his own hand.

“In regards to what happened before, I have been partially at fault as well. Since Young Clan Chief Lin is so big hearted about it, I cannot be so reserved.” Lin Feng had fully intended to go back to his seat but Jun Xie had already waved at the servants holding the wine flasks at the side.

The servants brought the wine flask over and Jun Wu Xie nonchalantly picked up the wine flask to fill up her own cup, before lifting her chin slightly, to similarly fill up the cup in Lin Feng’s hand.

Lin Feng looked at Jun Xie with his brows creased together. [Did the youth discover it?]

But thinking back about it, he had done it so secretly it was impossible that Jun Xie would suspect anything before he erased the doubts from his mind.

“A cup of wine finished, all in the past is past.” Jun Wu Xie lifted her hand, and led by pouring the wine down her throat first.

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