GDBBM – Chapter 1034

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Chapter 1034: “Birthday Banquet (9)”

“Someone had once said. If a person was able to devour a Devious Wyvern’s spirit, then that person would be able to breakthrough those barriers and possess more ring spirits.” Qu Xin Rui said, her eyes slightly narrowed up. The Devious Wyvern only existed in the Lower Realm and she herself had only gotten to know about it when she heard it mentioned by an Elder in the Soul Return Palace, which had made her ask Lin Que to seek out the Devious Wyvern here in the Lower Realm.

Powerful ring spirits, would at any time, regardless of the time and place, to absolutely anyone, be an irresistable temptation.

The Lord of the Soul Return Palace had once tried to seek for the Devious Wyvern in the Lower Realm but had not managed to find it. Qu Xin Rui had actually intended to gift the Devious Wyvern that Lin Que had found to the Palace Lord and win for herself even bigger rewards.

Unexpectedly, the Devious Wyvern had been swallowed up by a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast!

Fortunately the Devious Wyvern was something that Qu Xin Rui had only wanted to do as a secondary task at her convenience and the first and foremost task she seeked to achieve was actually to locate the Dark Emperor’s tomb. If she did not know that Jun Xie was the Fire Country’s ruling Emperor, she would have immediately torn the youth into pieces right at the beginning!

Jun Wu Xie was greatly shocked in her heart, but her face was still completely calm.

[Devouring the Devious Wyvern’s spirit would gain one an entryway into the Spirit World? And win them more ring spirits?]

That piece of information startled Jun Wu Xie with a rather big shock and she immediately understood why the Soaring Serpent had been so anxious to get the Devious Wyvern. The Soaring Serpent must have known about the secret of the Devious Wyvern and it had wanted the Devious Wyvern, not to heal its own spirit, but to actually find a way to get out of Jun Wu Xie’s body!

If she had not heard Qu Xin Rui’s words here today, Jun Wu Xie would not have been able to be certain of the Soaring Serpent’s motives, but it was now all clear to her!

[It was truly a sly and cunning beast.]

Jun Wu Xie laughed coldly in her heart.

“But what a pity, the Devious Wyvern was swallowed up by your Spirit Beast. If it had been devoured by you, maybe little Young Master Jun might really be able to get another ring spirit in the future!” Qu Xin Rui said smilingly. Although that was what she was saying through her mouth, that was completely not what she was thinking in her heart.

To want to devour the spirit of a Spirit Beast was not such an easy task. The little Emperor was merely someone from the Lower Realm and even if he got the Devious Wyvern, and knew of the Devious Wyvern’s secret, he would definitely still be unable to devour the Devious Wyvern’s spirit.

“Miss Qu must be joking. How can a person possibly devour a Spirit Beast’s spirit?” Jun Wu Xie replied expressionlessly, but the calm in her heart was already stirring slightly.

[The average person, might not be able to devour spirit bodies.] [But as for her…..] [It was an entirely different matter!] [Everytime she broke through her spirit power levels, hadn’t she always done it through the devouring of ring spirits?] [Ring spirits were by themselves the same as spirit bodies!]

There were still some doubts in Jun Wu Xie’s heart, and she still did not dare to be certain about it. Afterall, what had been melded into her body was the Devious Wyvern’s spirit stone and not a spirit body in its spiritual form. Spirit Beasts differed from ring spirits and spirits were ephemeral bodies that were formless. Unless special methods could be employed, it was something that was very hard to gather and collect.

Even Jun Wu Xie herself did not know, whether after having absorbed the Devious Wyvern’s spirit stone, it would give her the same effects.

Lin Feng had remained in his seat with his head lowered all this while, but in his heart, a fiery rage was burning inside. Hearing the light hearted conversation between Jun Xie and Qu Xin Rui, Jun Xie’s voice was grating on his ears so hard he could almost not remain sitting there another moment more.

[Why?] [Why does everyone think Jun Xie is so great?] [He is just a youth who had popped up out of nowhere! Why does everyone think so highly of him?] [Qu Ling Yue did that, and now even Qu Xin Rui was doing the very same thing!]

Lin Feng clenched his jaw so tightly together they were hurting but he did not dare to create a ruckus during Qu Xin Rui’s birthday banquet, and could do nothing but to push down the jealous rage eating at him in his chest.

[He just could not accept the fact. That a kid from out of town had come in and stolen all his limelight, and he could not bear to see before his very own eyes, Jun Xie becoming so close to Qu Xin Rui!]


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