GDBBM – Chapter 1024

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Chapter 1024: “Dangerous Feast (3)”

When Xiong Ba knew that Qu Xin Rui had actually sent an invitation to Jun Xie, inviting Jun Xie to attend her birthday banquet, he immediately broke into a rage. He charged with fiery speed straight to Jun Xie’s room and pushed the room door open to declare: “You cannot attend Qu Xin Rui’s banquet!”

Jun Wu Xie seemed like she had been thinking of something and her gaze was solemn. With Xiong Ba’s single loud roar, she immediately recovered her senses and turned to look calmly at the heavily panting Xiong Ba.


“The kind of person Qu Xin Rui is, I know most clearly. For her to invite you for no good reason like this, could not be a good thing for you.” It was still fresh in Xiong Ba’s mind the deeds Qu Xin Rui had committed before. He remembered when Qu Xin Rui first came back to the Thousand Beast City, he was not yet the Fiery Blaze Clan’s Clan Chief. He had been just slightly over twenty years of age and was just the Fiery Blaze Clan’s Deputy Clan Chief. He had a rash temperament while the Fiery Blaze Clan’s Clan Chief was calm, steady, and highly decisive. The Clan Chief was a senior Xiong Ba respected the most.

But after Qu Xin Rui arrived here, she had asked Qu Wen Hao to assist her with the investigation of the Heaven’s End Cliff. From the beginning, no one knew what the bottom of the Heaven’s End Cliff was like at all. The Grand Chieftain of the Thousand Beast City and their four Clan Chiefs saw her as a revered senior of the Thousand Beast City, their protector from the past. Afterall, Qu Xin Rui had brought great glory to the Thousand Beast City before she left and they trusted Qu Xin Rui, believing that a respected senior would not do anything to bring harm to the Thousand Beast City.

Hence, in the initial stages, regardless whether it was the Grand Chieftain or the four Clan Chiefs, they were all willing to help Qu Xin Rui achieve her goals.

But after the first teams from the Thousand Beast City went down to the bottom of the Heaven’s End Cliff, the result they gained had been zero survivors. That had been a team of close to one thousand people, formed from the elite of the Thousand Beast City’s four clans.Those people had gone to the bottom of the Heaven’s End Cliff bearing the trust and reverence for the powerful Purple Spirit but not a single one among them had returned from the bottom of that cliff alive.

The total annihilation shocked the whole Thousand Beast City, for all those who died, were a group of the most precious people to the Thousand Beast City. The Grand Chieftain was heartbroken and aggrieved and the four Clan Chiefs were sad and dispirited. But Qu Xin Rui still did not want to give up, she persuaded and cajoled the people to attempt again, saying that everything had just been an accident and the people who went down the Heaven’s End Cliff might still be alive and were waiting for people to go save them.

Because of that, the Thousand Beast City sent out another team of people and the number of people was even doubled.

However, all those people were like a stone that sank into the ocean, to remain at the bottom of the Heaven’s End Cliff forever.

Ever since that time, the people of the Thousand Beast City realized that the Heaven’s End Cliff was the most dangerous place in the world and the Grand Chieftain was no longer willing to send anymore people to the Heaven’s End Cliff, firmly refusing any of Qu Xin Rui’s subsequent requests.

It was at that time that Qu Xin Rui completely tore off her mask of pretense, and revealed her real personality, that was one of cruelty and viciousness.

That very night, she brought her henchmen and captured all the four clan’s Clan Chiefs, bringing them to the Grand Chieftain’s Residence’s main gates. The entire city’s people were alerted and before everyone’s eyes, they massacred all the four senior Clan Chiefs who were dead against any more expeditions to the Heaven’s End Cliff!

The whole Thousand Beast City were overtaken with madness at that moment and at the moment the people were about to retaliate, Qu Xin Rui told them that their family members have been captured and their lives were in her hands. If all of them did not comply to her wishes, then all their family members would become deceased spirits by her knife.

That very night, it was not known how many lost their lives. All those who resisted, the innocent people who were helplessly captured, and all those killed by Qu Xin Rui and her underlings at the gates of the Grand Chieftain’s Residence, the blood of all those people, turning the stones outside the Grand Chieftain’s Residence a bright red…..

Qu Xin Rui used the most brutal method and most malicious scheme, to make the entire Thousand Beast City, to succumb to her tight grip of control!

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